Electronic Parts Data Sources

Mitigate the risk of obsolescence and supply chain issues by leveraging the World's leading part intelligence providers. Real time pricing and availability, lifecycle and alternative part suggestions ensure you stay informed and remain in control.

Standard Subscription

Search & Discovery

Millions of parts at your fingertips. Search, browse and discover by category, description, part number and parametric data.

Real Time Supply Chain

Pricing and availability from your favorite suppliers all in one place.

ECAD Models

A comprehensive, growing collection of hundred of thousands of parts with symbols, footprints and 3D models.

Pro Subscription and Altium Concord Pro

Get More Parts Data

Complementing the supply chain intelligence from Octopart, IHS augments component lifecycle and alternative part data to deliver unparallelled supply chain information and insights.

Engineering Intelligence

The world’s largest curated collection of technical knowledge helping you to mitigate risk and accelerate your design cycles.

Manufactured Parts
Parts with Alternatives
Verified Lifecycle States

Connect Your Data

An interface to your company’s internal parts database connection. This feature offers interface connectivity for all common database systems.


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