PDN Analyzer Features

PDN Analyzer is the easiest to use DC simulation application, boasting simultaneous multi-network simulation and advanced features such as hierarchical network management, current direction indication, and sortable simulation reports. Visually understand if your power delivery is up to par.
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Voltage Contour and Current Direction Indication

Contour lines and direction arrows provide a clear indication of voltage levels and current flow throughout your design.

Simultaneous Multi-Network Simulation

Simultaneous multi-network power delivery system simulation calculates network and return path interactions that simple batch simulation won’t provide.

DC Voltage and Current Density Layout Overlays

Easily identify and resolve DC voltage and current density issues during your board layout process.

HTML Reporting and Detailed Results

Multi-column sorting and integrated screenshots, in both the HTML Report and the Via/Pins results tabs, provide a detailed record of the simulation results in a configurable table.

Violation and Hot-Spot Flagging

Flag failing vias and planes with indications on the canvas, cross-probing from tooltips and results tabs, and highlighting vias with excessive current in 3D.

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