Xilinx CoolRunner XPLA3

Category: Hardware Extensions
Vendor: Xilinx Extensions
Updated: Dec 30, 2013
Access and use Xilinx CoolRunner XPLA3 CPLD devices in your designs.

The CoolRunner XPLA3 (eXtended Programmable Logic Array) family of CPLDs is targeted for low power systems that include portable, handheld, and power sensitive applications. Each member of the XPLA3 family includes Fast Zero Power (FZP) design technology that combines low power and high speed.

Specific device support and detailed information thereof, can be accessed from the Browse Physical Devices dialog, accessed from the Tools menu in the Devices view (View»Devices View).
Browse the family of Xilinx CoolRunner XPLA3 CPLD devices supported by this extension.
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