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Altium Designer Training


Attend classes online in a time zone and language that works best for you.


Classes are capped at 12 students to support an active learning environment.

Choice of Levels
Choice of Levels

Select between basic or advanced Altium Designer classes.

Training Options

All students will receive an Altium Training Certificate
upon successful completion of the course.

Altium Designer


This class is intended for new and moderately experienced Altium Designer users who seek to gain a solid foundation of the application’s features, tools, and best practices for success.


This three-day instructor-led online course walks through the entire design capture process, including User Interface, Project Creation, Schematic Entry, Layout, Documentation and Fabrication Outputs. This class also explores building libraries for use in design capture and layout, and covers both schematic symbol and footprint library generation. Other topics include Multi-sheet Design, Classes and Rooms, Global Editing, and Polygons. The course covers 31 modules with exercises to provide hands-on experience.

Students who complete this class will be able to use Altium Designer more effectively to create printed circuit board designs.

Altium Designer

Advanced PCB Topics

This class is intended for experienced Altium Designer users who want to explore advanced topics such as queries with design rules, differential pair routing, and customized project templates.


This three-day instructor-led online course teaches in-depth topics to advance the students’ knowledge of Altium Designer Schematic Capture and PCB Layout tools. The material covered will enable students to use more complex Altium Designer capabilities such as pin swapping and length tuning. Lectures, demonstrations, and more than 20 hands-on exercises are used to explain and reinforce these advanced techniques.

Students who complete this class will be able to use more powerful Altium Designer features to improve their board layouts and dramatically reduce design time.