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Save document views for easy accessibility

Save document views for easy accessibility


The Favorites panel stores and provides easy access to custom views of your project documents. These custom views can consist of positioning, zooming in or out, etc. Once a view is saved as a Favorite, you can call it up at any time from this panel and the view will be loaded into the design editor window.

Panel Access

To open the Favorites panel: 

  • Click on Favorites in the System tab on the lower right hand side of the screen. 
  • Click View » Workspace Panels » System » Favorites.

Panel Content and Use

The Favorites panel contains your custom views of documents, such as schematic, PCB, and text documents that you have saved as favorites. You can save any number of different types of views: zoomed in, project specs, full sheets, etc. You can create folders for your views (for example, one for schematic views and another for PCB views) and can further manage them with specific names and comments. The panel allows you to sort, add, and delete views in much the same way as many Windows applications handle files, straight from the right-click menu. Thumbnail images of each view are also available in this panel.

When you save a view as a Favorite, a corresponding entry will appear in the panel. To create and apply a favorite view:

  1. Position and/or zoom the document into the view you want to save as a Favorite in the design editor window.
  2. Right-click in the panel and select Add Current Document View under the appropriate folder.
  3. To apply a favorite view, double-click on the name or select it (single-click) and press the Open View of button. You can also use the Open Document View command on the right-click menu to open a selected view.

Right-click Menu

The right-click menu provides the following commands:

  • Add Current Document View - add the view that is currently in the design editor window to the Favorites panel.
  • Open Document View - open the selected view.
  • Delete Document View - delete the selected view.
  • Add New Folder - add a new folder under the selected folder.
  • Clear Folder - clear the contents of the selected folder.
  • Delete Folder - delete the entire folder and its views.
  • Sort
    • By Date - sort the list by date created. 
    • By Document Type - sort the list by document type.
    • By Document - sort the list by document name.
    • Show Details - show the details of the view.
    • Show Folders - show all folders.
  • Show Thumbnails - display thumbnails of views versus folders.
  • Properties - click to open various iterations of Properties dialogs (depending on the type of view selected) to change the name or parent folder or add comments to a view.


  • The sizing used for thumbnails is specified on the System - View page of the Preferences dialog (DXP » Preferences). You can define X and Y sizes separately or maintain a 4:3 aspect ratio; the Thumbnail X Size will automatically update the Thumbnail Y Size in accordance with the ratio.

  • Favorite views are available only when their associated project is open.
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