Defining Version Control Preferences for Altium Designer

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The Data Management - Version Control page of the Preferences dialog

The Data Management - Version Control page of the Preferences dialog


The Data Management – Version Control page of the Preferences dialog allows you to set up version control options such as Providers and SVN Executables. By default, the VCS Provider - SVN extension is installed. This extension delivers implementation of version control functionality through the use of SharpSVN. This implementation has full support for Unicode (multi-byte) characters in file names. As an example, this allows you to add files to your SVN VCS repository that include Russian characters in their names.


This page is part of the main Preferences dialog (DXP » Preferences) and is accessed by clicking Version Control under the Data Management folder in the left-hand pane of the dialog.


  • Provider - lists the version control providers available.
  • Enabled - check to enable SVN - Subversion to enable the default provider.

Accessing Legacy SVN Functionality

If you require use of Subversion VCS functionality based on use of the SVN executable (svn.exe), you can access that implementation by removing the VCS Provider - SVN extension from your installation. To remove the extension, click DXP » Extensions and Updates then, on the Installed tab, find the VCS Provider - SVN icon in Software Extensions. Click on thethat appears when hovering over the extension icon to remove the extension.

The following information relates to the Data Management - Version Control Preferences page if the VCS Provider - SVN extension has been removed from your installation.


Enable one or more Version Control Providers - applications or libraries which maintain access to version control repository and provider services to operate this repository.

  • Provider
    • CVS - Concurrent Versions System option if you are using the Concurrent Versions System version control system.
    • SVN - Subversion option if you are using the Subversion version control system.
  • Enable - check to enable selected version control applications.

SVN Executables 

You can use the Subversion that is built-in (recommended) or an external Subversion installation.

  • Use built-in Subversion - check to use built-in Subversion.
  • Use external Subversion- check to use external Subversion.
    • Path to main executable - specify the path to the main executable, usually svn.exe. This will allow software to perform most of Subversions repository actions, such as commit and update.
    • Path to admin executable - specify the path to the admin executable, usually svnadmin.exe. This will allow software to create a repository. If you already have a repository, you can skip this option. Restart Altium Designer to confirm your choice of version control system.
    • Show a warning if installed version of Subversion is unsupported - check to show a warning if installed Subversion is not supported.

Note that it is necessary to have Subversion 1.5.0 or later installed in order for the SVN commands to work correctly from Altium Designer.

  • Write debug information into the Output Panel - check to allow writing debug information to the Output panel.

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