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The Data Management - Vaults page of the Preferences dialog
The Data Management - Vaults page of the Preferences dialog


As its name suggests, the Data Management – Vaults page of the Preferences dialog provides controls relating to the management of connections to Altium Vaults.

For detailed information regarding accessing and connecting to an Altium Vualit, click here.


The Data Management – Vaults page is part of the main Preferences dialog (DXP » Preferences) and is accessed by clicking the Vaults entry under the Data Management folder in the left-hand pane of the dialog. 



  • Current Vault List - presents a list of currently connected Altium Vaults. For each vault, the following information is displayed:
    • Name - displays the name of the selected Vault.
    • Description - displays the description of the selected Vault
    • Address - displays the location of the selected Vault
    • Status - displays the status of the selected Vault. A green tick indicates the Vault works properly while a red mark indicates there is an issue with Vault.
    • Enable - check this option to enable use of the target Vault in the Vaults panel.
  • Sign in/out - click to sign in to or out from the Vault. When signing in, the Connecting to Altium Vault dialog opens from where you can connect to the desired Vault. If desired, you can use the drop-down to connect to any additional Vaults. Click Add Vault (legacy) from the drop down menu to open the Connect to Vault dialog. The new Vault will be accessible from the Vaults panel.
Remember that while you can connect to multiple Altium Vaults, you can only be signed in to one at any given time.
  • Add Altium Content Vault - click to add a connection to the Altium Content Vault. The added Altium Content Vault will be accessible from the Vaults panel.
  • Disconnect From Vault - click to remove the selected Vault. The selected Vault will no longer be accessible from the Vaults panel.
  • Properties - click to edit the properties of selected Vault. Options include:
    • Edit Connection to Vault - open the Edit Altium Vault Connection dialog, which allows users to edit the Vault Server address and administration related information. This dialog also allows users to test their connection to the Vault.
    • Edit Vault Properties - open the Edit Vault Properties dialog, which enables users to to edit the selected Vault's name and description, as well as view version and licensing information.
    • Edit Revision Naming Scheme - open the Edit Revision Naming Schemes dialog, which allows users to edit the naming scheme used for revisions in the selected Vault.
    • Edit Lifecycle Definition - open the Edit Lifecycle Definitions dialog, which allows users to edit the lifecycle definition for the selected Vault.
    • Edit Operation Permissions - click to open the Edit Operation Permissions in Altium Vault dialog in which you can change the Vault permissions of the selected vault.

Project Release

  • Temporary Release Folder - choose the folder used for temporary files storage during release generation. Options available are:
    • Automatically (in system %temp% folder) - select to set the folder used to temporarily store generated files prior to uploading to the target Altium Vault to the automated location (\Users\<ProfileName>\AppData\Local\Temp for a default installation).
    • Manually - click the  button to select a file path for the temporary folder used for generating PCB releases.
  • Delete contents after exiting release mode - check this option to automatically delete the contents of the temporary release folder after exiting release mode.
  • Prepend revision HRID to file names - enable to prepend the name of each generated output with the Item ID and Revision ID (e.g., [FAB-Bluetooth_Sentinel-000.1] Validation.PDF). 
  • Allow manual initial revision Id - enable to have the ability to manually set the ID for the initial revision of a newly-created Item in an Altium Vault. With the feature enabled, create the required new Item in the vault as usual. After creation, right-click on the Item and choose Properties - giving access to the Edit Item dialog. Hover over the Revision ID field and click the  control. The Set Initial Values dialog will appear from where you can set the ID to meet your requirements. Fields will be provided, as applicable, to modify the various levels of the ID in accordance with the chosen Revision Naming Scheme.
The ID of the Item's first planned revision can be changed at any point after the Item is created and before data is released into that initial revision (i.e., it is still in the Planned state).


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