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Altium Designer 16.1

Released: 02 May 2016 - Version: 16.1.7 (build 188)
Released: 16 May 2016 - Version: 16.1.8 (build 203)
Released: 03 June 2016 - Version: 16.1.9 (build 221)
Released: 21 June 2016 - Version: 16.1.10 (build 233)
Released: 20 July 2016 - Version: 16.1.11 (build 255)
Released: 18 August 2016 - Version: 16.1.12
(build 290)

This new Altium Designer release continues to deliver new features as well as enhancements to the software's core technologies, while also addressing many issues raised by customers through the AltiumLive Community's BugCrunch system. Along with delivering a range of new and exciting features that develop and mature the existing technologies, it also incorporates a large number of fixes and enhancements across the software as a whole, helping designers continue to create cutting-edge electronics technology.

From Altium Designer 16.0.xx, you have the choice to continue with your current version, or to update to Altium Designer 16.1 to access the latest features. Alternatively, have both installed side-by-side, and use the version that best suits your needs.

Draftsman - A New PCB Drawing Editor

To provide further content flexibility and detail in the output files published for PCB manufacture, Altium Designer 16.1 now offers an alternative way to create the graphical documents for board design production. Based on a dedicated file format and set of drawing tools, the new Altium Draftsman drawing system provides an interactive approach to bringing together fabrication and assembly drawings with custom templates, annotations, callouts and notes.

USB 3.0 Mode for the xSignals Wizard

The xSignals Wizard simplifies the process of defining extended Signal paths for critical signals in your design. xSignals simplify the process of defining suitable length and matched length design rules, which can then be used for interactive length tuning. This release sees the addition of a USB 3.0 mode to the Wizard.

New Measurement Mode in PCB 3D

3D clearance checking is great for detecting collisions, but an equally important aspect of design is ensuring that the clearances that are there, are correct. Are those buttons the right distance apart? what's the clearance between that surface of the connector and the case? just how much room is there under that display?
These questions can now be answered by the new 3D measurement tool.

PCB Enhancements

Altium Designer 16.1 brings some small, yet beneficial improvements to the PCB Editor, including enhanced flagging of invalid design rules, easier ways to rename mechanical layers, and enhanced justification control for text strings. While small on their own, they collectively enhance your PCB design experience, and aid in delivering greater productivity and efficiency.

Schematic Enhancements

Altium Designer 16.1 brings some small, yet beneficial improvements to the Schematic Editor, including additional scoping for the Find Similar Objects feature, and the inclusion of bus entry objects when highlighting buses or associated nets using the Net Color Override feature. While small on their own, they collectively enhance your Schematic Capture experience, and aid in delivering greater productivity and efficiency.

Enhanced Component Link Synchronization

Design is an evolutionary process, new components are added and existing ones removed. The process of resolving component synchronization issues has been simplified with the introduction an automatic component linking feature, making the process simpler, more intuitive and logical.

Changes to Default Altium Designer Preferences

This release of Altium Designer sees some small, but highly beneficial changes to default settings, with regard to Altium Designer Preferences. These changes - across various areas of the software - facilitate a far better, and far more intuitive starting point when using the software, not only for all users in general, but especially for users that are new to the Altium Designer environment.

Additional Enhancements & Improvements

A couple of additional items worthy of a mention in this release of Altium Designer - firstly, running Altium Designer on Windows XP is officially no longer supported. Commencing with this release, you will not be able to install 16.1 (or later), nor update to it from within a previous version.
The second enhancement concerns HTML-based reports generated from within Altium Designer. You are now able to print these once more, using the Print command available from the right-click context menu, while viewing a report as the active document in the main design window.


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