Video Transcript
Documentation takes time,
there is no avoiding that.
But how are you actually spending the time
you're using to document your project?
If you're like most engineers you're
most likely hand-drawing lines,
adding custom fields for notes,
and manually creating a table for
your entire layer stack up legend,
or even manually pasting
in your building materials.
And that process gets repeated over and
over again for every variance or
blind and buried via.
Altium Draftsman allows you to
intelligently automate your documentation
process with a rich set of markup,
documentation, and
template tools that are all available in the
design workspace that you use everyday.
It all starts with a set of
easy-to-use templates that
build the basic foundation for
your most common documentation needs.
Start with a complete template for
assembly and manufacturing and
personalize every aspect with layer
stacked legends or BOM summaries.
And with your foundation in place,
quickly get started on the most important
stage of your documentation process,
adding the details.
Automatically add drill tables,
title blocks, layer stack legends and
more without ever having to
manually input or update data.
An easy to use interface
allows you to quickly drag and
drop new documentation blogs,
with data being automatically pulled
from your completed design project.
And with your design and
documentation data intelligently linked,
you never need to manually make
corrections to your documentation when
your board layout needs to be changed.
With the intelligent automation tools
in Altium Draftsman, we've made
it easy to complete your documentation
right the first time, every time.

Intelligently Automate Your Documentation

Easily create your fabrication and assembly drawings with fully customizable documentation templates.