Altium Academic Programs

Empowering the Next Generation of Technology Innovators

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Altium has always been committed to supporting the next generation of engineers and PCB designers
by removing any barriers that stand in the way of innovation. Our mission is to contribute to the design
community by continuing to make professional engineering tools accessible to anyone who needs them.

Education Programs

At Altium, we demonstrate our commitment to nurturing future engineers and
designers through the various education programs we offer to students, educators and design
teams around the world.

Team Sponsorships

In gratitude for the success Altium continues to enjoy, we feel both privileged and compelled to invest resources to equip
the new generation of professional engineers and PCB designers. We accomplish this by providing design software that will enable teams
to pursue invaluable hands-on engineering experience and help students become proficient with the world’s leading PCB design software.

Please visit our team stories page to learn about the inspiring work of the world’s future innovators.

Team Stories

Altium supports the design community by promoting the engineers and PCB designers of
tomorrow. We are proud to share the stories of these passionate students
who were able to transform their ideas into reality.