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Altium Designer Advanced

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Altium Designer Advanced Training allows you to deepen your schematic and PCB knowledge. This course will expand your skills in challenging topics such as design rule queries, differential pair routing, customized project templates and more.

  • Hands-on instruction to master the newest features
  • Learn the best practices to streamline your board design and dramatically reduce design errors
  • Gain an advanced understanding of Altium Designer’s structure and methods
  • Earn a certificate to showcase your skills to potential employers

Learn advanced techniques with over 20 in-depth exercises!
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Is the Advanced Course Right for You?

The Advanced course is for experienced users who want to enhance their skills and become power users.

Advanced course participants should have already taken the Altium Designer Essentials course, or they should have knowledge that is equivalent to someone who has taken this training (such as being able to create several simple designs in Altium Designer).

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Pre-Requisites: Atium Essentials Course or equivalent knowledge of Altium Designer’s basic functions.

Certification: Altium Designer Advanced Course Certification


Instructor-Led Online Format:

  • 3 day course
    (Typical class hours are 9 am - 5 pm)
  • Interactive sessions are taught in small groups of 12, delivering hands-on application experience.

On-Demand Format:

  • On-Demand courses are self-paced. They include over 6 hours of in-depth video instructions and over 20 in-depth exercises covering schematic on Altium Designer features and shortcuts.

Altium Designer
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This 3-day Advanced training will help you become more productive in Altium Designer’s PCB layout environment.

Detailed documentation, data management topics, advanced routing and construction techniques will be explored.

Mastering high-speed design constructs like differential pair routing, length matching, and tuning will be introduced and reinforced.

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Our 3 day online courses are led by expert instructors who deliver hands-on training sessions. Up to 12 attendees can join on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Course Agenda

The Advanced course is designed for experienced Altium Designer users who are looking to expand their knowledge and learn to use more complex Altium Designer features. Tackle the most difficult design challenges with Altium experts guiding you step-by-step through comprehensive exercises.

Advanced Schematic Features
Hours of Training: 2.15 Hours
  • Using Signal Harnesses 
  • Schematic Design Directives
  • Design Variants 

Schematics are the backbone of hardware design and have their own complex requirements. The advanced features taught in this course cover signal harnesses, an advanced version of buses, which enables the simplification of large on-board interfaces, as well as design variants, which allow for a singular PCB design to be assembled in multiple configurations. 

Rules and Design Verification
Hours of Training: 2.30 Hours
  • Net and Component Classes 
  • PCB Queries & PCB Filter Panel 
  • Clearance Checking in 3D 

Designing complex PCBs requires the use of complex design rules and circuit verification; for electromechanical designs, appropriate 3D clearance checks are required when checking for mechanical collision violations; with high speed signal interfaces, entire classes of nets need to be created and checked for validation. These types of designs require the use of the PCB Query language, and PCB design rules and constraints that leverage the full functionality of Altium Designer.

Advanced Routing Technologies
Hours of Training: 3 Hours
  • Re-Routing 
  • Active Routing
  • Pin Swapping

Routing is a complex process in even the simplest of designs, however with higher pin count components this becomes even more challenging. The advanced routing section of this course covers pin swapping and active routing to assist with design acceleration. In addition, the course examines re-routing which enables design improvements and optimization for fabrication yield.

High-Speed Routing Technologies
Hours of Training: 3.5 Hours
  • Differential Pair Routing 
  • Impedance Profile 
  • Length Tuning 
  • High Speed Design with xSignals 
  • High Speed Design with xSignals and Differential Pairs 

High speed data interfaces in PCB designs have a unique set of requirements that needs to be met. Differential pairs need to be routed in an identical manner, ensuring that each of the signals see the same changes. This section of the course will cover the creation of xSignals, as well as Length and Matched Length rule constraints for both single ended and differential pair signals.

Advanced Design Features
Hours of Training: 2 Hours
  • Back Drilling 
  • Via Stitching 
  • Defining the Board Shape using 3D STEP model 

PCB design is one part of product development, which needs to integrate information from other workflows, such as 3D models of mechanical enclosures; Altium Designer enables and simplifies the process of board shape creation by  importing native mechanical STEP files. In addition to this, the ability to clearly show Back Drilling (controlled depth drilling) information, and Back Drilled via properties, becomes critical for easing transition into board manufacturing.

Testing/ Manufacturing
Hours of Training: 2.30 Hours
  • Teardrops 
  • Test Points 
  • Embedded Board Array

PCB experts of tomorrow need not only to understand the current process of designing printed circuit boards, but also need to understand the manufacturing processes that go into creating these boards. Having greater knowledge of such features as teardrops enables designers and engineers to improve fabrication yields, Altium Designers Embedded Board Array feature helps to speed up the board parallelization process. The Testpoint Manager tool helps to create the necessary outputs for both board Fabrication continuity testing and Assembly in-circuit testing.

Rigid-Flex Design (Advanced Mode)
Hours of Training: 1.5 Hours
  • PCB Layer Stack Management 
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Design

Altium Designer’s Board Planning Mode enables the creation of both flexible and rigid board regions as well as enabling split and bend lines of flexible circuits. Both layer stack management and multi-layered design is  extensively covered in the course, along with configuring flex bend lines and animation to ensure flex circuits are built correctly the first time.

Multi-Sheet Design & Variants
Hours of Training: 2.8 Hours
  • Design Reuse (Snippets) 
  • Multi Channel Design 
  • Board Level Annotation 

Modern PCB design relies upon designers and engineers correctly creating schematics and pcb layouts, having the capability to create multiple channel designs reduces time spent duplicating both schematics and layout of repeated circuity. In addition, being able to reuse existing proven design segments allows for greater first time success of a new project.

Hours of Training: 2.2 Hours
  • Schematic Templates 
  • PCB and PCB Library Templates 
  • Bill of Material Templates 
  • Draftsman Templates 
  • PCB Project Template 

When starting a project or producing the final deliverables, having all of the documentation meet a standard and provide company details is important. The advanced course dives into template creation to assist with the streamlining of your workflow and ensuring consistent project outputs.
Participants who complete this training will be able to use many of the advanced features and functionality of Altium Designer more efficiently when creating PCB designs. If you are interested in attending one of our courses, you can find our upcoming dates here:

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