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                                • Altium Designer

                                  Professional unified design system, high productivity stress-free environment and Native 3D™ PCB editor

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                                  Centralized platform for ECAD design data, library, workflow and team management

                                • CircuitStudio

                                  Professional PCB design tool, ready to pick up and go

                                • Ciiva

                                  Transform intent into realizable design with intelligent parts that manage themselves, so you don't have to.

                                • CircuitMaker

                                  Streamlined PCB Design tool custom built for your community

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                                  Altium products are constantly being updated to provide the latest technology

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                                  World-renowned for superior compiler technology, TASKING tools have been used for over 25 years

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                                  Additional tools, analysis systems, support for new devices and design flows for Altium products

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                                  Create and deploy custom extensions and business system integration for Altium products

                                • Octopart

                                  Fast, accurate, and easy to use component search, that connects you with supply chain and component data.

                                • Perception Software

                                  Making ECAD collaboration effortless in PLM environments

                                Altium Designer 17

                                Stress-free, Native 3D™ PCB design for professionals

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                                Take a look at what download options are available to best suit your needs

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                                How to Buy

                                Contact your local sales office to get started improving your design environment

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                                Unlock Your Design Potential with Advanced Routing Technology
                                From complex board layouts to today’s innovative wearable technologies, Altium Designer enables you to easily design the most efficient and error-free board layouts. Take complete control of your board layout with powerful routing technology including interactive routing modes and an intelligent auto routing assistant.
                                Get a Head Start on Your Next Design Project
                                Today’s designs are built off of the successes of your past accomplishments. Unlock your true design potential today with the most efficient design reuse tools available in Altium Designer. Easily save, share, and reuse your most trusted design assets from the past with snippets, managed schematic sheets, and component library templates.
                                Easily Complete the Journey of Your Design Process
                                From concept to completion, your design process is a series of distinct stages that needs to remain consistent and connected. Remain in complete control of your design journey with the powerful release management tools in Altium Designer. Instantly capture and communicate your complete design intent to manufacturing in seconds with flexible output documentation tools.
                                Create the Future of Flexible Design Technology
                                You live to see where the future of electronics design is headed, and you need to stay at the forefront of change to remain competitive. Design today’s most innovative technology with the world’s first-and-only support for rigid-flex PCB design in Altium Designer. Easily define material selections and intelligently route your rigid-flex board layout, then visualize your work of engineering art in beautiful, Native 3D.
                                Centralize and Standardize Your Most Valued Design Assets
                                The success of your design process relies upon the integrity, reliability, and consistency of your component data. Work from a single source of trusted component libraries available to your entire design team with centralized library management in Altium Designer. Instantly capture, control, and reuse your most valued parts in all of your future projects.
                                Visualize and Verify Your Electronic Designs in the Mechanical World
                                Your electronic designs exist in a physical, mechanical world. Ensure that your board fits your mechanical enclosures right the first time without the need for costly respins with powerful, Native 3D visualizations and clearance checking in Altium Designer. Visualize in real-time exactly how your board will fit your mechanical enclosure and fix collision errors in seconds with Native 3D editing.
                                Connect Your Designs with Dynamic and Intelligent Data
                                The best components are those that are available right when you need them and at a price that meets your specific budget needs. Tap into a rich source of real-time pricing and availability data from your most trusted parts suppliers with Supplier Links in Altium Designer. Get instant pricing and availability updates on your most commonly used components and never miss another launch date due to unavailable components.
                                Master the Efficiency of Your Design Data and Workflows
                                The success of your design process depends upon a series of separate, yet intimately connected details. Master your design data and workflows with the powerful data management tools in Altium Designer. Control exactly what design data can be used in your projects with a flexible lifecycle management system, and track every design change with a powerful version control system.
                                Tap into the Potential of Expertly Crafted Design Content
                                There’s no need to reinvent the wheel of PCB design when you can tap into the collective knowledge and experience from the component creation experts at Altium. Leverage the efficiencies of your component creation process with unlimited access to over 300,000 ready-to-use components. Save hours creating and managing your component libraries by using our expertly crafted content.
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