Multi-CAD File Support

Don't let multiple ECAD file formats slow you down,
manage all your ECAD files in Altium 365

Remove ECAD Data Silos

Remove ECAD Data Silos icon

Make the best product decisions quickly by ensuring all managers and contributors have access to all your ECAD files and BOMs on Altium 365.

Elevated Design Collaboration

Elevated Design Collaboration

Accelerate your time to market by being able to comment, review, and add tasks to all your ECAD files.

Efficient BOM & Supply Chain

Efficient BOM & Supply Chain Management

Create managed BOMs directly from OrCAD® file types and reduce supply chain risks by having part data, pricing, availability, and procurement trends at your fingertips.

Key Features for Multi-CAD Files

Browser-Based Access, Sharing, Comments, and Tasks  coming soon

Hardware projects require contributions from various fields and disciplines. Now, there is no need to have additional ECAD software to discuss and agree on schematics, PCB layout, and even the BOM. Simply access the design data through your favorite web browser and start reviewing project files. All project members can measure, search, cross-probe, and comment on your design from any browser or device. (available for Altium Designer files now)

Streamline Design Review & Markup  coming soon

Everyone can access the latest design iteration and review it at their convenience and location. Design markups and feedback are digitally captured and attached to the relevant design files, ensuring full traceability throughout your entire development lifecycle. Define the process for your design reviews with clear workflow steps and approvals, resolve issues, and track tasks without losing context. (available for Altium Designer files now)

Manufacturing Collaboration  coming soon

Save time and avoid costly mistakes by sharing a version-controlled release package with your manufacturer in a single click. Manufacturers can view and comment on your output files from any browser with all the communications attached to the design. (available for Altium Designer files now)

BOM Portal for Multi-CAD files  coming soon

Create managed BOMs directly from OrCAD® file types, reduce design respins, and accelerate time to market with Altium 365 BOM Portal. Gain valuable part data insights and collaboration features to make better-informed decisions throughout the product lifecycle of all your ECAD files. Leverage enriched part and supply chain data for informed BOM decisions, proactively mitigate supply chain risks, and simplify your BOM management with powerful functionality. (available for Altium Designer, Excel, and csv files now)


When will Multi-CAD be available?

Multi-CAD is now available in open beta. It is included in your core Altium 365 subscription.

What ECAD files do you support?

In addition to Altium Designer, we support the following ECAD file formats:

Open Beta is now available:

    1. Schematic: ORCAD® .dsn files
    2. PCB:
         - OrCAD® .brd v17.2 files and onward
         - OrCAD® .alg, .MAX, .ALG files
    3. Library files (.olb, .pad, etc) not supported for visualization currently. we only store them, without any web visualization

KiCad® - to version 6

EAGLE® - non-binary format (above version 5)

Later this year:


KiCAD® - version 7 & 8

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