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Created: May 7, 2019 | Updated: May 7, 2019
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The Item Manager Options dialogThe Item Manager Options dialog


The Item Manager Options dialog is used to update options that can be used to further refine how automatched Managed Components are applied to the current board design.


The dialog is accessed by clicking Options in the Item Manager dialog (click Tools » Item Manager from the main menus in the schematic editor).


  • Matching rules - displays the current rules defined for matching. 
    • Local Parameter - enable the checkbox of the parameter desired for matching.
    • Server Parameter - displays the server parameter to be used for matching.
Click  to the right of each listed parameter to apply multiple Parameter matching conditions, then use the drop-down to set the desired Local and Server Parameters desired. Click  to remove the selected value. As each Parameter condition is added, the Rule becomes increasingly specific and all conditions need to be satisfied before the Rule match succeeds – effectively a Boolean AND condition.
  • Update options
    • Update ‘Lock Designator’ field – when checked, the local component’s Locked state for the Designator field will be overwritten by its state in the linked Managed Component.
    • Update ‘Lock Part-ID’ field – when checked, the local component’s multi-part device ID selector’s Locked state will adopt that of the linked Managed Component.
    • Update parameters – check to allow a component’s Parameters to be updated by those in the linked Managed Component. When enabled, the following options are available:
      • Advanced – click to open the Library Update Settings dialog to see all available Parameters for all Components in the current board project and choose those that are desired to be updated when a local component is updated to a Server Managed Component.
      • Preserve parameter location – when checked, the position of a visible Parameter in the workspace remains unchanged rather than reset to the default position of the linked Managed Component.
      • Preserve parameter visibility – when checked, the Visible status of a Parameter remains unchanged rather than adopting that of the linked Managed Component.
The above options are transferred to the current design via the ECO process.
  • Matching options - use the drop-down to select the desired Source server.

Additional Controls

  • Add Rule - use to add a matching rule.
  • Remove - use to remove the selected matching rule.
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