Run Process

Now reading version 16.0. For the latest, read: Run Process for version 17.1

The Run Process dialog

The Run Process dialog


The Run Process dialog allows users to execute processes directly from the dialog.


To access this dialog, click DXP » Run Process.


  • Process - use the drop down to select a process - the drop down lists any previously entered processes. The process shown in this box will be launched when OK is clicked.
    • Browse - use to open the Process Browser dialog in which you can browse and select a process. The selected process will appear in the Process box and will be launched when OK is clicked.
  • Parameters - shows the parameters that are to be passed to the selected process when it is run. Parameters are defined as ParameterName = Value. To enter more than one parameter, separate the parameter statements with the "pipe" symbol ( | ). 
    • Info - click for information on the parameters available for the process currently shown in the Process box.



The features available depend on your level of Altium Designer Software Subscription.