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Created: July 27, 2015 | Updated: June 22, 2017
Now reading version 20.2. For the latest, read: PCBLibCreate for version 21
Applies to Altium Designer versions: 15.1, 16.0, 16.1, 17.0, 17.1, 18.0, 18.1, 19.0, 19.1, 20.0, 20.1 and 20.2

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The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

Applied Parameters: None


This command launches the IPC Compliant Footprint Wizard that will help you generate a PCB footprint that is truly compliant with Revision B of the IPC standard 7351 - Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard. Rather than working directly from footprint dimensions (as the PCB Component Wizard does), the IPC Compliant Footprint Wizard uses dimensional information from the component itself, and then calculates suitable pad and other footprint properties in accordance with the algorithms released by the IPC.

The wizard can create the following footprint types: BGA, BQFP, CAPAE, CFP, CHIP, Chip Array, CQFP, DFN, DPAK, LCC, LGA, MELF, MOLDED, PLCC, PQFN, PQFP, PSON, QFN, QFN-2ROW, SODFL, SOIC, SOJ, SON, SOP/TSOP, SOT143/343, SOT223, SOT23, SOT89, SOTFL, and WIRE WOUND.
In accordance with the IPC standard, the Wizard supports three footprint variants (_L, _N, _M), each tailored to suit a different board density.


This command is accessed from the PCB Library Editor by choosing the Tools » IPC Compliant Footprint Wizard command, from the main menus.


After launching the command, the IPC Compliant Footprint Wizard appears. Follow the Wizard's intuitive pages to generate the required footprint.

Some of the Wizard features include:

  • Overall packaging dimensions, pin information, heel spacing, solder fillets and tolerances can be entered and immediately viewed.
  • Mechanical dimensions such as Courtyard, Assembly, and Component (3D) Body Information can be entered.
  • The Wizard is re-entrant and allows reviewing and making adjustments easy. Previews of the footprint are shown at every stage.
  • The name and description for the footprint are automatically suggested, but can be changed to suit organizational requirements.
  • The Finish button can be pressed at any stage to generate the currently previewed footprint.

The finished footprint can be stored in the active PCB Library document, a different existing PCB Library document, or in a totally new PCB Library document, giving you maximum flexibility. After clicking Finish, the applicable library document will be opened/created, as applicable, and the generated footprint presented as the active component in the workspace. The component will be focused in the PCB Library panel.


  1. All dimensions are entered into the Wizard in metric (mm) units.
  2. To quickly generate multiple footprints, at multiple density levels, use the IPC Compliant Footprints Batch Generator.


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