PCB ActiveRoute Panel

Now reading version 19.0. For the latest, read: PCB ActiveRoute Panel for version 21

ActiveRoute is controlled from the PCB ActiveRoute panel.
ActiveRoute is controlled from the PCB ActiveRoute panel.


ActiveRoute is an automated interactive routing technology that applies efficient multi-net routing algorithms to the specific nets or connections you select.

The PCB ActiveRoute panel is used to configure and operate the various features provided by ActiveRoute, including: performing an interactive ActiveRoute; defining a Route Guide and the spacing of the routes within it; enabling automatic length tuning; and enabling automatic pin swapping.

ActiveRoute operates on the selected connections, some of the controls in the panel will only become active when there are connections selected.

To learn more about ActiveRoute, refer to the ActiveRoute article.

Panel Access

It is highly recommend that the ActiveRoute panel be opened prior to starting ActiveRoute. To open the PCB ActiveRoute panel, when a PCB is the active document: 

  • Click the  button at the bottom-right of the work area then select the PCB ActiveRoute menu option.
  • Click View » Panels » PCB ActiveRoute.

Content and Use

The PCB ActiveRoute panel content is arranged in collapsible sections that are opened and closed using the ► icon associated with each section heading. The property control information included below is arranged by matching sections, and each collapsible section is opened/closed in the same manner.


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