Object Visibility

Now reading version 20.0. For the latest, read: Object Visibility for version 22

The Object Visibility dialogThe Object Visibility dialog


The Object Visibility dialog is used to set a common transparency level for a particular object across different layers and set different transparencies for different objects on a specific layer. 


From the PCB/PCBLIB Editor, the Object Visibility dialog is accessed from the View Configuration panel. Switch to the panel's View Options tab, then click the Advanced button, located at the bottom-right of the Object Visibility section.



  • Layers - each individual layer may be selected in the left-hand margin by clicking on the desired layer. The entire row will need to be selected in order to toggle the transparency. Use the drop-down next to the layer's name to hide the layer if desired.
  • Objects - each individual object will be selected by clicking on the desired object. An individual entry can be selected if you'd like to only modify the transparency of this object on a specific layer.
The margins may be resized by resting your cursor on the line that divides the object columns. The cursor will change to a double-sided arrow, which you may drag while holding to alter the column sizes.

Transparency Controls

  • Only show used layers - check this box to only display layers that have been used in the design.
  • Transparency for selected - drag this bar to set the desired transparencies for the select object rows or layer columns.
  • Percentage - use this box to manually type in the desired transparencies for the selected object rows or layer columns.
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