Pin Data Smart Paste

Now reading version 20.0. For the latest, read: Pin Data Smart Paste for version 22

The Pin Data Smart Paste dialogThe Pin Data Smart Paste dialog


The Pin Data Smart Paste dialog is used to populate multiple columns of data from an external source while using the Symbol Wizard. The dialog opens already populated with the source data. 


The dialog is accessed by right-clicking in the grid region of the Symbol Wizard dialog then selecting Smart Paste.


  • Delimiter - check the boxes of the delimiters that match those used in the source data. Choices include:
    • ​Tab
    • Semicolon
    • Comma
    • Space
    • Other
  • Data Preview​ - use the drop-down to select a heading for that column. The available selections are derived from the column headings in the grid region of the Symbol Wizard dialog.
The preview area dynamically updates and shows how your changes affect the text in each column. 

Additional Controls

  • Paste - click to complete the smart paste process.​ The source data will be copied into the matching columns you specified in the grid region. 

Right-Click Menu

  • Remove Line - click over a line then select this command to remove that line. If the command is performed over empty space in the dialog, the bottom line is removed.
  • Remove Column - click over a column then select this command to remove that column.
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