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Created: March 10, 2017 | Updated: November 8, 2017
Now reading version 17.1. For the latest, read: Public Release Notes for version 24
Applies to Altium Designer version: 17.1

The following sections list the release notes for publically released versions of Altium Designer 17.1

For a summary of new features and enhancements in Altium Designer 17.1, see New in Altium Designer.

Version 17.1.9

Build: 592 Date: 7 November 2017 

20989 Data Management - Resolved an issue in which invalid information showed for a component template when using "Where used" feature.
22190 Data Management - Fixed bug where Symbol and Footprint item revision field were not mapped to schlib and pcblib attribute while the object has been opened via file-less editing.
22336 Data Management - Resolved an issue with a decimal symbol in case of different formats on server/client PC settings (Win7x86 only).
17982 Draftsman - Fixed bug that caused it to not be possible to select some designators on BAV.
18773 Draftsman - Fixed Regression that caused Exception to occur when editing parameters for a document that is not in a project (Free Document).
20998 Draftsman - Added backward compatibility for Draftsman files.
21457 Minimum solder mask sliver rule check was reverted as it works in AD17.0 (BC:1122).
20794 Fixed regression that caused ComponentLinkURL with the page number to call out Error in Schematic.
19354 Fixed bug in Output Job that caused Alternate Part with the same Footprint to destroy BOM when datasource PCB was selected.
19634 Fixed bug that caused Datasheet data to be missed after the update of a component model.
20405 Fixed bug where supplier search does not work when logged in to SolidWorks PCB Services.
20604 Fixed bug that caused missing components after importing from xDxDesigner.
20792 Fixed bug causing rounding issues for 3D models in IDF export.
20798 Fixed bug in PCB where Phantom Drill Pair remains after it is deleted.
20799 Fixed bug that caused components that have alternate part with a different footprint to present both parts in the Pick and Place file for "No Variations" (BC:7786).
20800 Fixed bug in PCB that caused the Layer Stack Table to not update automatically if layer stack was changed (BC:4619).
20801 Fixed bug that caused inability to generate DWG/DXF output when a ' / ' was used in a file name.

Version 17.1.6

Build: 538 Date: 7 July 2017 

17494 Fixed bug where non-keepout primitives can be copied/pasted on Keep-Out Layer and keep-out primitives on a non-signal improper layer.
17691 Fixed bug where Managed OutJobs could only utilize Vault based BOM templates locally.
17787 Fixed pasting of graphics from the clipboard in Schematic.
18044 Fixed regression bug where polygon cutouts do not appear in ODB++ assigned on mask layers.
18174 Data Management: Improved Item Manager performance for projects with Vault components.
18283 Vault Explorer - Fixed bug where switching to preview on Windows 10 Creator causes BSOD (BC:8015).
18308 Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where titles appear in the PDF generated from an output job (BC:8074).
18345 Draftsman - Added support for individual variants in OutJoub for Draftsman drawings.
18368 Fixed regression bug where PCB file from the previous version cannot be open in AD17.1.
18372 Fixed bug where keepout object options clear after Union creation.
18414 Eagle Importer - Fixed regression bug which caused a wrong placement of objects on the top layer.
18415 Fixed regression bug where projects under Version Control are not recognized as so by AD 17 (BC:7966).
18445 Fixed regression bug where was not possible to open Supplier Links dialog if Future Electronics supplier is installed.
18513 Fixed regression bug where lifecycle state change does not work in "Full item history" window.
18566 Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where in 17.1 not showing reference designators for parts not fitted (BC:8001).
18628 Library Panel - Fixed bug where the status of the Load all Pages preference in was not saved between AD launches.
18628 Library Panel - Added ability to save/load list of the visible columns while performing import/export of the preferences.
18628 Library Panel - Fixed bug where Component Type attribute was not available for the Vault-based libraries.
18629 Added ability to define a position of the visible parameters of the Vault components, by preserving position data from the symbol.
18630 Fixed bug where open pick and place file in source section caused Source out of date.
18701 Data Management - Added suggest to update related components after component template modification.
18702 Fixed bug where update related items feature allows to open component with different templates in one batch editor.
18727 Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where data is not loaded if components with variants have multiple (incorrect) Unique IDs (BC:8005).
18809 Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where 3D bodies are not displayed on Assembly Views on not-English Windows with non-English project path.
18909 Fixed bug where Component Links Parameters not migrated to a component by Library Migrator.
18925 Fixed regression bug where supply chain info shows up in the left top corner of the screen when navigating through components in Vault Explorer with opened Supply chain aspect.
19024 Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where some of the not fitted Hatching Pattern settings are not working.
19103 Improved open BOM document performance to use price data cache instead of additional requests to the server.
19191 Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where Components with Assembly Drawing source are not displayed under Detain View on PDF output (BC:8121).

Version 17.1.5

Build: 472 Date: 15 May 2017 

11128 Draftsman - Added the ability to position the "Title": top/bottom, left/center/right, and manual.
13021 Draftsman - Added ability to display and configure footprint parameters in assembly view analogous with existing Designator automatic positioning.
13712 Draftsman - Added support for isometric view in Draftsman document (BC:6632).
13755 Draftsman - Added ability to split a BOM into several tables (BC:6704).
13956 Draftsman - Added ability to manually position the Designator in an Assembly View (BC:6733).
14876 Fixed bug that caused AD to crash when opening the Customize Window on the second AD screen.
15019 Draftsman - Added ability to enable fill, change fill color and set transparent for circular and rectangular shapes (BC:6718).
15055 Draftsman - Added Component Parameters as a source for callout. When selected an additional drop down with a list of parameters (same as BOM config) is displayed.
15060 Draftsman - Added support for geometric tolerancing (BC:3777).
15061 Draftsman - Added Surface Finish Symbol.
15079 Fixed bug in Symbol Wizard when the rectangle is placed in front of Pin Display Name.
15131 Fixed bug that caused tenting on thermal vias to stay on the original side, rather than following the component which was moved to the bottom side (BC:3647).
15133 Fixed bug that caused IDF settings for Exported Drilled Holes "larger than" in .OutJob file are ignored (BC:3306).
15134 Was added support for hide/show Mechanical Layers 17-32 from a script (BC:310)
15224 An issue with use of the PSpice switch model giving incorrect results in AC analyses has been fixed.
15236 Fixed a bug in the Project Options, Comparator tab, in Object Matching Criteria section. Structure Class got changed to Code Memory.
15261 Fixed a bug where, if you are in Single Layer Mode AND the "Show All Connections in Single Layer Mode" is off, when doing an Alt+AreaSelect R-L, it will select connections that are invisible on other layers.
15268 Fixed bug that caused signal integrity to crash when a component designator was double-clicked(BC:7694).
15314 Fixed a bug where blank component parameters disappear after you release a component.
15316 Fixed a bug that caused Drill Drawing symbols for embedded panels to include all pairs, not just a specific pair.
15317 Draftsman - Added ability to use arc center for snapping (BC:6760).
15358 When using a Route Guide, Gloss is performed after the routing is complete.
15360 Increase max Route Guide width to 5x, improve status message, use left & right arrow keys for min & max
15362 Improved ActiveRoute messages to user when ActiveRoute doesn't work as expected.
15363 Enable use of existing track stub width for ActiveRoute.
15370 Fixed a bug that caused strange layer names behavior when names were changed in the Layer Stack Manager.
15395 Fixed bug where Supplier links info disappeared when opening an ActiveBoM document in AD 16.0.9.
15529 Fixed bug that caused violations to occur after glossing tracks near Pads with slot and rectangular holes with offsets.
15535 Draftsman - Added support of new graphical view for Callout (BC:7501).
15679 Added support for object specific keepouts (BC:1424, BC:3483).
15705 Added support for object specific keepouts in Pads importer.
15706 Added support for object specific keepouts in Allegro importer.
15707 Added support for object specific keepouts in EAGLE importer.
15715 Added support for object specific keepouts in Interactive Routing.
15717 Added support for object specific keepouts in Gloss.
15835 Draftsman - Added support for variant parameters (BC:6647).
15836 Draftsman - Added support for variant selection of a Draftsman document in an OutJob (BC:6869), and support for variant-based objects, such as special strings (BC:6690).
15858 Added functionality in the Simulation Profile Manager to export to or import from OutJob files to allow copying of Profile settings to and from OutJobs.
15865 Fixed regression error that caused DXP.exe to display an error message and stop working after opening a particular .BomDoc if Digi-Key supplier was enabled.
15875 Fixed a bug that corrupted the model list in SCH component if identically named footprints were released to a vault.
15897 Added support to allow users to waive selected violations after DRC and to document the waived violations (BC:219).
15922 Fixed bug in xDX importer that caused components in projects that were imported using the Xpedition importer to have different sizes/scale than the same components in an imported library.
15931 Fixed a bug where a symbol of Drill Drawing is overlapped on a PCB file with Embedded Board Array and a hole.
15949 Fixed PCB Ambiguity menu drawing glitch in Windows 7 classic theme.
15956 Added a waived section to the DRC report.
15986 Draftsman - Implemented another designator location option, 'Silkscreen', which uses Overlay layers for the source of the designator location (BC:7464).
16048 Added Retrace command, which allows designers to change previously routed diff pair(s) to conform to current gap/width rules. No pushing of nearby objects occurs, so if an increase is requested it only succeeds where room is available.
16135 Fixed a bug that occurred when a *.PIK file was read (Component Placement>Place From File). All the components were placed on the same side of the board (BC:4146).
16204 Fixed IDF Export to place keepouts according to relative origin and instead of absolute origin (BC:7507).
16322 Fixed bug where numeric data types sorting incorrectly in a Component View in Vault.
16326 Fixed bug where minimum Solder Mask Sliver violations are not produced for masks defined from primitives on Top and Bottom layers.
16341 Fixed bug that caused AD to report some false errors when the "Check for incomplete connections" was enabled under "Un-Routed Net" rule (BC:7488).
16381 Fixed bug that caused a crash after editing invalid polygon (BC:7575).
16404 Fixed a bug that prevented completing a big project release.
16427 Fixed a bug that caused multi-select to delete random items instead of the selected items.
16453 Fixed bug that caused 3D View to show Fill present on every layer in Single Layer Mode.
16541 Fixed bug, so when convergence errors occur during simulation runs, the plot setup is no longer lost.
16608 Fixed bug that caused pads not to be selected using right-to-left selection if they are placed on non-signal layers.
16708 Fixed bug that caused the Clearance measurement path representation to be incorrect for a board cutout.
16728 Improved Draftsman's rendering speed.
16813 Fixed bug that caused DXP.EXE to stop working during AD launch if Active BOM document was previously opened.
16835 Tracks exiting the route guide will be glossed outside, but not inside
16845 Fixed regression bug that prevented reusing a via stitching union name on another union even though the name was no longer being used.
16861 Draftsman - Fixed bug that caused the VersionControl_RevNumber to not work properly.
16911 Fixed bug that caused Altium Designer to crash when a Project File was saved after an alternate part, consisting of Supplier Parameters with Special Characters, was defined.
16912 Fixed bug in Variants where Not Fitted Markers are not shown in the assembly drawing for components with the same coordinates on the opposite layer.
16913 Fixed regression where designators in an exported ODB++ files were in lowercase.
16916 Rounded the solder mask expansion for rectangular pads, so they match polygon pour rounded shapes in order to avoid exposing copper in the corners (BC:7660).
17039 Fixed regression bug that caused the xDxDesigner importer to crash during an import.
17054 Fixed bug with an [Unknown] revision status on Item Manager.
17067 ActiveRoute used to crash if clearance rule scope "IsTestpoint" was used
17070 Was added the link to the violated rule from Violation Details dialog (BC:6695)
17076 Fixed bug where split planes are not rebuilt when .pcbdoc is opened.
17084 Fixed issue where component status check slowed down the compilation process.
17086 Fixed bug that caused Project Release to fail, for a particular design, with error: Duplicates not allowed at 0B9AD9AB. WorkspaceManager.DLL, Base Address: 0A6A0000.
17106 Fixed issue where Project Options dialogue had a long delay when opening project with variants in AD17.
17147 An issue where the Design Item Id of a schematic symbol was being replaced by * during an update from libraries has been fixed.
17161 Fixed bug that caused an error to occur while refreshing a library when components have a parameter with a reserved name.
17213 Fixed bug where the Project Releaser did not work with Personal Vaults.
17216 Fixed "where-used" functionality to restore the ability to multi-select the where-used Items to perform a global edit.
17243 Fixed bug where "List index out of bounds(-1)" error appeared after editing primitives in a net.
17255 Changed routing, so the Diff Pair Gap rule is not applied to the via-track for the complements. Standard via-track rule is used.
17285 Added check for shelved or modified polygons during DRC (even if the rule is disabled) before checking all other rules. A warning is displayed if this rule has any violations.
17286 Added "Use Left/Right selection" option to DXP preferences. When this option is checked OFF the selection should be always 'inside area' like in AD 16.1 (BC:7292).
17342 Fixed issue where components were displayed in the wrong order under section view.
17522 Fixed bug where the selection of a Custom Item was not possible in the Sources section of the Project Releaser.
17525 Fixed regression when Project Releaser creates unnecessary folders in the Vault if project released to a custom location.
17529 Fixed bug where Net color override does not mark PrjPcb as Modified and does not get saved.
17544 Release Manager - Added ability to include Design Snapshot sub-folder into the release (as it was in version 16.1 and below).
17547 Reverted earlier implemented solution with rounded edges of polygon around rectangular pads.
17565 Release Manager - Fixed bug where some of the output results on the preview stage of the project release cannot be viewed.
17584 Release Manager - Restored ability to generate individual containers partially, without generation of the whole batch.
17585 Release Manager - Added the full target item path in the Vault for the terget item on Configuration and Preview stages.
17586 Fixed regression in Release Manager to resolve the "invalid revision ID level" error that could occur when releasing a project.
17725 Vault Explorer - Fixed bug where redundant parameters were added automatically during the component editing in Vault.


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