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Created: November 18, 2022 | Updated: January 18, 2023
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The following sections list the release notes for publicly released versions of Altium Designer 23.

For a summary of new features and subsequent improvements in Altium Designer 23, see New in Altium Designer.

Version 23.1.1

Build: 15 Date: 17 January 2023

45539 When attempting to move a sheet symbol with circular dependency, the error "HierarchyPath is empty" would be encountered.
47590 Information copied from a spreadsheet into a schematic would not appear the same in generated PDF output.
49159 The physical names for bus net labels were not presented on the compiled tab for a Schematic, nor in a generated PDF of the schematic prints (physical documents). (BC:16931)
49174 The Schematic document would lose focus after using the Jump Component (J, C) feature. (BC:17913)
49642 The 'Compiled Names Expansion - Net Labels' option now determines the naming for a Power Port object on the compiled (physical) tab of a Schematic. (BC:14638)
51258 In some cases, the error "Property: "HarnessType" not found!" would be encountered when performing a port-sheet entry sync, and placing a harness port on a new schematic.
51355 In some cases, the error "System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added" would be encountered.
51528 When using the new Variant Manager, the Filter button now indicates when filtering is being applied.
52295 In some cases, the error "System.ArgumentNullException: Värde får inte vara null. Parameternamn: value" would be encountered.
52660 In some cases, the error "EOleException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key" would be encountered.
52662 In some cases, the error "EOleException: An item with the same key has already been added" would be encountered.
52664 In some cases, the error "EOleException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" would be encountered.
52668 In some cases, creating a sheet symbol from a sheet (using the right-click context menu command) would lead to an EOleException.
53106 It was not possible to add the same alternate part to more than one BOM item or alternative group.
47198 For a specific design, running a batch DRC including a Creepage rule would result in an Access Violation.
49923 It is now possible to change the name for the Gerber Board Profile layer when using the new, unified Gerber/Gerber X2 dialog.
51799 When generating a default NC Drill file from an Output Job, the Start Units were being incorrectly changed.
52036 With the new Variant Manager enabled, 3D models were not being displayed for a variant using an alternate part with the same footprint.
52231 In some cases, PCB Models exported to STEP or PARASOLID formats would not show board cutouts, and layers were being shifted (when using Advanced Rigid-Flex mode). (BC:19635)
52540 For a specific design, an arc was being converted to a full circle when generating Gerber/Gerber X2 data in the 4:2 format.
52773 In some cases, the Access Violation "EOleException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key" would be encountered.
52939 In some cases, when attempting to generate Gerber data with the new Gerber setup dialog, the error "EStringListError: List index out of bounds (2)" would be encountered.
52980 For a design using Printed Electronics, legitimate short-circuit violations were not being flagged when EngineX options were enabled in the Advanced Settings.
53003 For a specific design, placing track on an internal plane (GND) layer would result in Altium Designer closing without any warning or error notification.
53191 Added the ability to load a stored view configuration file from the View Options tab of the View Configuration panel. (BC:11267)
53221 When printing documentation from the new Preview PCB dialog, the coloring for some labels in the UI meant they were unreadable when using Altium Designer in its Light Theme. (BC:19896)
53223 In some cases, the error "EInvalidPointer: Invalid pointer operation" would be encountered.
53225 For a specific case, an error would be encountered when clicking on the mode selection field at the top of the PCB panel.
53230 The X/Y values for Rounded Rectangle and Chamfered Rectangle pads were not being saved correctly.
53506 An error occurred when 'Object Kind' was set to 'Different' in the Find Similar Objects dialog.
53030 For a specific design, a catastrophic failure would be encountered after selecting a PCB on the Multi-board Assembly document, then right-clicking to access the context menu.
Harness Design
52447 It is now possible to add multiple objects to a connection point in a single operation.
52610 Added Auto Size and Justification properties for the Wiring Diagram View and Layout Drawing View objects in a Harness Project Draftsman document (*.HarDwf).
52680 In some cases when sharing a Harness design project, crimps and associated parts for components were not being included in the share.
52718 In some cases, incorrect connector parts were being brought into the Layout Drawing from the Wiring Diagram.
52893 It was not possible to sync a parameter, added to a connector, to the Harness Design project's ActiveBOM.
52928 Added support for parameters to Twist and Shield objects.
52929 As part of the support for crimps, a crimped pin is visually distinguished for a Harness Connector on the Wiring Diagram.
52930 It is now possible to add crimps to the Wiring Diagram using the new Crimps tab on the Properties panel, with the required Harness Component selected.
52931 Added the ability to add multiple different 3D model views for a connector in the Layout Drawing.
52933 Added headings for the presented information on the Crimps and Associated Parts tabs on the Properties panel for a selected Harness Component.
52934 Added the ability to save harness documents in ASCII format.
52976 A connection point automatically created with a connector on import from the Wiring Diagram would not follow a change in rotation of that parent connector.
52990 The ability to download and open a specific revision of the project (using the Download Sources command for a Commit event tile) is now implemented in the project's History view.
53060 A harness project in a connected Workspace presented in the Projects panel, and elsewhere, with no associated icon.
53068 After modifying the width of a selected bundle, it was not possible to Undo the change and revert back to the previous width.
53091 When generating a PDF of the Layout Drawing, 3D model bitmap views of connectors were not being drawn with a transparent background.
53524 An exception could occur when attempting to edit the properties of a crimp in the Harness Component modal properties dialog.
52895 An exception occasionally occurred when clicking on a control in the CST PDN Analyzer or Power Analyzer by KeySight UI.
53331 F1 mapping from the software to target Technical Documentation now correctly points to version 23 paging.
53412 Added an advanced method for creating the callstack as part of crash reports, enabled by default in Advanced Settings (System.ExceptionReport.AdvancedCallstack).
Data Management
47524 In some cases, not all available datasheets were presented when trying to acquire a component found using the Manufacturer Part Search panel.
52277 Added the ability to export Project History to PDF directly from the Schematic or PCB Editor’s main Reports menu.
52598 In some cases, when searching for parts, the error "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" would be encountered.
52767 When closing a newly-cloned (and unsaved) component, the Unsaved Changes dialog would present the wrong name for the component. (BC:19670)
52912 The Show Project History command is now available on the History & Version Control sub-menu for a multi-board project.
52918 For a specific project VCS-controlled via GitLab, Altium Designer would freeze for 20 seconds when saving (locally) a Schematic or PCB file. (BC:19764)
52940 In the Component Editor (SCE mode), the Type field has been moved out from the Advanced Settings (which now auto-expands only if a required field is empty).
52962 There was a noticeable slowdown in performance of the Components panel when first connecting to the secure Altium portal (Altium Account Management Server).
53049 In some cases, when working with components, the error "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" would be encountered.
53295 Active Project Creation Workflows were not available from the Projects panel when right-clicking on the Workspace name and choosing Create Project from the context menu.
53013 For a specific KiCad design, the importer would only bring in components and no routed track.
53413 When exporting a PCB to DXF/DWG format, all layers were being exported on the '0' layer when viewed in AutoCAD. (BC:20041)
53452 For a specific design, attempting to generate DXF/DWG output through an Output Job would result in an exception being encountered.
53032 The Simulation Dashboard panel would not correctly present the simulation profile when switching from a free document, to a schematic source document in a project.
53041 Added support for the SRFF PSpice digital model primitive.
53042 Added support for the DLTCH PSpice digital model primitive.
53043 Implemented inertial delay processing for all PSpice digital gates (except DLYLINE).

Version 23.0.1

Build: 38 Date: 15 December 2022

51354 In some cases, the "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException" would be encountered.
51839 Brought back the autosizing feature for ports, enabled by default for a fresh installation (with no imported preferences) and only for newly-placed port objects. (BC:17706)
52294 In some cases, the EOleException "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" would be encountered.
52782 The error 'A given document's ID is invalid' was encountered when trying to add more than three Draftsman documents to a design project. (BC:19523)
52942 In some cases, the error "EOleException: The specified argument is outside the range of valid values" would be encountered.
47341 The Dimmed Objects slider bar (View Options tab of View Configuration panel) was returning to the default position after closing and opening Altium Designer. (BC:10232)
50376 When generating ODB++ data, the pin data in the components file was incorrectly including the designator of the component, instead of just the pin number.
51851 When using the new Variant Manager, there were some cases where the error "Dispatcher processing has been suspended" would be encountered after clicking on the value for the Description parameter.
52052 Added a Silkscreen Preparation tool to the PCB/PCBLib editors providing silkscreen clipping, automated movement of silkscreen text and automated clipping or movement of fills/regions.
52336 Improved interactive routing performance in the presence of complex layer stack regions.
52425 When exporting to AutoCAD, internal system layer names were being used and not the layer names defined through the Layer Stack Manager. (BC:18335)
52426 Clearances between polygon and track primitives were correct on the PCB, but incorrect in the generated Gerbers.
52490 In some cases, the error "E3DError: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED" would be encountered. (BC:19905)
52499 An exception would occur when placing full stack vias in a PCB library, then switching to the Layer Stack Manager.
52503 In arc modes, the Interactive Differential Pair router would create unevenly spaced differential pairs if, in the rules, clearance > diff pair gap. (BC:19180)
52507 With the Component re-route option enabled, moving a component with attached primitives on the multi-layer would result in an Access Violation.
52561 For a specific design, removing unused pad/via templates from the Local Pad & Via Library would lead to a catastrophic failure.
52581 Component links were being broken at design import after having previously added a new variant or changed alternate part parameters using the new Variant Manager.
52646 A PCB panel document involving a high number of boards was taking around 15 minutes to open, compared to 30-40s in older versions of the software.
52672 ODB++ output for a panelized board was generating a separate folder for each stepped PCB instead of a single folder for all stepped PCBs.
52725 For specific designs, closing an open PCB document when the new Variant Manager was also open would result in an exception being encountered.
52727 The Collaborate, Compare and Merge panel has been removed from Public use. For the time being it is only available to Beta users as part of the set of Closed Beta features.
52802 The Net Information region of the Properties panel now has expandable sections to show all relevant class information. (BC:19422)
52850 For a specific design, moving a union of components and then attempting to Undo the action would result in Altium Designer closing unexpectedly. (BC:19714)
52944 When using the .VersionControl_RevNumber special string, the suffix "[no modification]" was being added for non-modified files. (BC:19797)
53065 For specific components, no Parasolid parts (*.x_t) were being created (from STEP models in the PCB design) when transferring the design from ECAD to MCAD.
53130 Generating ODB++ output from an embedded board array would result in wrongly named and missing layers. (BC:19887)
52438 For a Module Entry using a Workspace Library component, the Properties panel now reflects the lifecycle and revision state, with the ability to quickly update to the latest revision.
52439 Single pin nets wired to a connector with a defined Net Label (in the child PCB project) would be named 'No Net' in the multi-board Schematic.
Harness Design
53252 Added support for Harness Design through the creation of a Harness Project (*.PrjHar), which can be standalone or part of a multi-board project.
50633 Support added for enhanced handling of projects with missing documents instead of automatic removal and flagging the project as 'modified' when opened. (BC:1243)
50964 In some cases, the error "EInvalidAccessToObject: Object accessed after being destroyed" would be encountered.
52125 Project is no longer modified if the stored printer for it is not available on a PC. Instead, that PC's default printer will be used, but can be explicitly changed thereafter.
52374 In some cases, the error "System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: Response status code does not indicate success: 401 (Unauthorized)" would be encountered.
52694 In some cases an EAccessViolation (at address 000000016EC7C132 in module "ADVPCB.DLL") would be encountered.
Data Management
47275 The control to open the Manufacturer Part Search panel from the Replace <Component> dialog (when choosing an alternate part for a variant) has been removed. (BC:17266)
47488 When acquiring a component from the Manufacturer Part Search panel into the Workspace, all datasheets were being added instead of just those selected in the Use Component Data dialog.
51416 With a Workspace project opened in two instances of Altium Designer, one instance (if closed and then opened) would need a manual refresh to see any changes made/saved in the other instance.
51560 Enhanced detection and resolution of duplicate project files, without the need to use an external VCS tool.
51638 Added the ability to export the project history into a PDF through an Output Job.
51837 Enhanced support added for admins to remove design repositories from Workspace (with validation). Also added auto-removal of repository after successful migration of external VCS project.
52297 It was not possible to add a Manufacturer Link to the ActiveBOM when the manual solution was from a custom part provider (synced to the Workspace using PrtSync).
52339 Added a warning dialog when attempting to rename the project file (or a source document) and that file is in the 'Out of date' or 'Conflict' state.
52349 Support added for layer-specific comments on the PCB (in 2D). Focusing a comment will auto-switch to the same view the reviewer had (visible layers, active layer, top/bottom view).
52351 A System.FormatException error would occur if attempting to set a non-numeric value for the Quantity field in a custom row of an ActiveBOM.
52366 The Project Releaser Item Naming Template settings are now stored in the project file, instead of the local Windows registry.
52451 The mention feature with comments does not pop a suggestion list when using the @ symbol and the local language keyboard is used (not EN).
52474 There were problems encountered with automatic task assignment when using the commenting feature.
52555 In some cases when working with comments, the error "System.InvalidCastException" would be encountered.
52587 In some cases, an EAccessViolation in module "EDMSInterface.dll" would be encountered.
52615 When adding an alternative item to the BOM, the Add Alternative Item dialog now remembers your used filters and values, just as the Components panel does.
52616 When removing an alternative group a confirmation dialog will now appear, alerting you that doing so will remove any alternate components assigned to that group from the BOM also.
52656 The active VCS status pop-up window was not displayed correctly if the Projects panel was docked in a position other than on the left. (BC:19688)
52676 For a specific project in an external SVN repository, the Open/Compare right-click commands in the Storage Manager panel would not function correctly. (BC:17509)
52984 In some cases, switching between Pro and Standard Workspaces would result in the Pro Workspace losing features/functionality.
52986 In some cases, it was not possible to add new components or edit existing components in a Workspace Library. (BC:19813)
49342 When importing a specific Mentor Expedition® design, holes/cutouts in copper were not being converted correctly.
51388 In some cases, the EStringListError "String list does not allow duplicates" would be encountered when importing a PADS design using the Import Wizard.
51790 In some cases, an Access Violation in module "LoadPADS.IWZ" would be encountered when importing a PADS design using the Import Wizard.
51212 The text "Output Expression" had a typo in the DC Sweep and Transient areas of the Simulation Dashboard.
52279 Running an AC Sweep Analysis with an Output Expression of MAG(v(resistance))) would result in an incorrect value for the AC Voltage.
52310 In some cases, the EOleException "Index was outside the bounds of the array" would be encountered when performing the verification stage.
52371 The model description for the following components was incorrect - CCSW_Hysteresis, CCSW_Smooth_Trans, Switching Capacitor, Photodiode.
52378 Added support for additional PSpice digital model primitives including flip-flops, latches, Pullup, Pulldown, Delay Line and behavioral primitive LOGICEXP.
52379 The performance of the SimData editor has been enhanced with various optimizations, memory buffering and removal of redundant calls.
52398 Added PSpice standard gate components (AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, NXOR, BUF and INV) to the Simulation Generic Components library.
52399 Added PSpice tristate gate components (AND3, OR3, XOR3, NAND3, NOR3, NXOR3, BUF3 and INV3) to the Simulation Generic Components library.
52400 Added the PSpice Digital Generator component to the Simulation Generic Components library.
52403 Ability to view the high-impedance state for digital waveforms in the SimData editor.
52477 There was a typo in the simulation error message "Operating Point Analysis: Failed to Calulate the Operating Point".
52724 For the STIM component, the incorrect starting value was being used for d(pre) in a transient analysis ('0' instead of '1').
52754 When running the verification stage, an error with model syntax was not presented in the Sim Model dialog, while an empty error message was presented in the Messages panel.
52828 The .IC and .NS components from the Simulation Generic Components library were not being added to the generated netlist.
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