Environment Configuration Compliance Setup

This document is no longer available beyond version 22. Information can now be found here: Preparing an Environment Configuration Compliance Check Report for version 24

The Environment configuration compliance setup dialog
The Environment configuration compliance setup dialog


The Environment configuration compliance setup dialog provides options to set up the environment configuration compliance conditions. It provides a means to conclusively test and enforce the use of company-authorized data elements in a design – i.e. if you are not using data items permitted through the environment configuration available for use by your assigned role, the release will fail. This prevents a 'loose cannon' approach to design and ensures adherence to and compliance with the working design environments determined centrally at the enterprise level. 


This dialog is accessed by performing the following steps:

  1. In the Outputs region of an OutJob file, click Add New Validation Output under Validation Outputs.
  2. Click Configuration compliance » Project.
  3. Right click on Environment configuration compliance check under Output Description.
  4. Click Configure.


  • Each released schematic document must use one of the following managed template - check this option to add a managed template(s). This determines which managed schematic templates can be used by source schematic documents in the design. 
    • Add - click to open the Choose Item dialog to select the desired template.
    • Remove - click to remove the selected template(s) from the list.
  • All outputs must be defined by some of the following managed outjob files - check this option to add a managed outjob file(s). This determines which managed output job items can be used to generate outputs from the design. 
    • Add - click to open the Choose Item dialog to select the desired file(s).
    • Remove - click to remove the selected file(s) from the list.
  • At release time, the following managed preferences must be used - check this option to select the managed preferences that must be used upon release. Use  to select the desired preferences.
  • All parts should come from a server - check this option to ensure that all parts in the design come from a server. If this option is checked and one or more parts are not from a server, the validation will fail.


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