Use Component Data

This document is no longer available beyond version 22. Information can now be found here: Creating the Component from a Manufacturer Part Search for version 24


The Use Component Data dialog provides controls to define components using data from the cloud. The parameters displayed allow you to copy data from a cloud component into the component you are currently editing.


The dialog is accessed in the following ways:

  • Choose a component from the Manufacturer Part Search panel then select Acquire from the right-click context menu to open the Create new component dialog. Select a component type then click OK.
  • Click Tools » Create from Part Search from the main menus of the Single Component Editor then select a category. Select a part in the resulting list then click OK.


  • Only matching - enable this option to only display data matching the current component. Disabling this option will display all the data available in the cloud component.
  • Parameters/Symbols/Footprints/Datasheets, etc. (nn) - check/uncheck the box to enable/disable all items in that category.

    For parameters, checked parameters display the value that will be used from the cloud. Unchecked parameters display the current value.
  • Update - checked items will display Update for that parameter; unchecked items will have a blank display denoting no update will occur.
  • Replace - if the checkbox is checked, the data for this item will be replaced.
  • Add - if the checkbox is checked, the data for this item will be added from the cloud.

The features available depend on your level of Altium Designer Software Subscription.