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I cannot add an AltiumLive user through the company dashboard. Getting "Cannot add user: user with this email is already registered in other organization" or "Failed to create user account: Username: xxxx@yyyy.com already in use". AltiumLive account usernames (email addresses) must be unique in the Altium database. The AltiumLive account must be re-associated (moved) to the new organization or deactivated/deleted from the current organization so the e-mail address will then be available to use in the new organization.

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If a Group Administrator is having difficulty adding a user in their company dashboard because they are getting a message that the user's e-mail address is already registered with a different organization.  There are a few things that could cause this to have happened.

    • This happens most often when an e-mail address is added to an Altium 365 Workspace before being added in the company dashboard.  The best practice is to use the company dashboard to create the AltiumLive account first.  Otherwise the AltiumLive account will be created by the Workspace without reference information.
    • It could also happen if the e-mail address was used for a trial license (maybe even for CircuitStudio) some time ago or an AltiumLive account may have been created with sales lead information.

    • Another possibility could be if the AltiumLive user was purposefully registered with a different organization (or branch of the same company at a different location.)

The best way to resolve this issue is for a Group Administrator to make sure the organization's e-mail domain is added in the company dashboard's
Users and Groups page (at the top - Company e-mail domain.)  After that is setup,  when a user Self-Registers after being invited to a Workspace, they should see their organization as an option to join.  If it wasn't set up when they first registered, or they missed that step, or picked the wrong one, they should be able to go to their profile page: 
and change their organization, after which the Group Administrator(s) should receive an e-mail requesting access that can be approved.


The user will not be added to the organization/license pool until after a Group Administrator approves the request.  This method will only be available for e-mail addresses that are in the organization's domain as set up in the company dashboard Users and Groups page , so outsiders will not have the option to request to join an organization.

This documentation has more detail about this process and on managing users in your company dashboard:

If for any reason the correct organization is not presented in the profile page (https://profile.altium.com/ )  a support case will need to be created.
    • This could happen if the user's e-mail domain is not be available to be added in the
Users and Groups page of the company dashboard.  (The user may have a common e-mail domain such as @gmail.com.)

    • The user may already have an AltiumLive account in the organization that was never activated.  Non-activated accounts usually don't show up in the company dashboard.

A Group Administrator can submit a support case with us at:

ttps://supportcenter.live.altium.com/#LogCase ,
indicating the e-mail address of the AltiumLive user that needs to be added to the organization, so we can determine the current organization to which the AltiumLive user belongs, request authorization as needed, and move the AltiumLive account (or send an activation e-mail to the user.)

If the user needs to maintain their access to another organization's licenses, the Group Administrator will need to use a different e-mail address for this user.

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