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The Active Bar can be disabled or customized.

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If desired, the Active Bar can be disabled. To disable the Active Bar, on the Advanced Settings dialog (accessed by clicking the Advanced button on the System - General page of the Preferences dialog), uncheck the Value field of the UI.UseActiveBar Preference Name. As stated in the Advanced Settings dialog, Altium Designer will need to be restarted for the new setting to take effect.

For more information, please view the following page in our Documentation:

To customize, right-click in an unused area of your menu bar and choose customize. The active bar shows up (in an editing mode) in the tool bar area while the Customizing [PCB/Schematic] Editor dialog is open.

Active Bar.png

To see the defaults for this toolbar, click on the Commands tab, select the Default Bars Category, then in the right section (Commands) scroll down to and expand PCB, then PCB Active Bar to expand it, where you will see the default  items that can be dragged to the Active Bar toolbar in Altium.
Here's a link to the relevant section of documentation on Configuration & Customizations that specifically covers Customizing Toolbars and Menus:
Here's some more detail on working with the Customizing Editor dialog:
If your Active Bar needs to be reset, see this documentation:

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