As an educator, you’re training students to become the engineers who build the future and find ways to sustain and improve life through technology. Students need to produce professional results from design exercises without sacrificing theoretical learning. Good educators foster a rich learning environment while providing tools for students and researchers to use that help rather than hinder. You need cutting edge tools and technology to be prepared for a new tomorrow.

Build a Consistent Lab Program

When principles of electronics design and analyses are being taught, students need to be able to focus on theory while reinforcing what they are learning through experience. The tool can’t get in the way and must be stress-free and intuitive to use. Built-in simulation and stress-free design capture are key to learning success; you need EDA software that supports student activity without being a barrier. 

Get rapid results in circuit analysis and simulation
With all the essential simulation models, our design tools allow users to rapidly build and reuse simulation-ready circuits

Get Designing Fast

Final research and design projects can be exciting, but getting all the design math, modeling, and technical analyses done and documented fully is stressful enough. The last thing you need is to be bogged down with having to learn difficult design software when you’re on a time crunch to get your assignments handed in.

Get design work done without losing project focus
Altium Designer is built from the ground up to speed up the design process and lower barriers to productivity

Design for the Real World

All the theory in the world doesn’t do any good until it’s applied to real-world problems. Today’s design and engineering students are in this business to solve problems, make the world a better place, and pursue the thrill of creating something new. It makes sense to leverage tools built with the same goal in mind to constantly improve and make things better in electronics design.

Keep pushing the boundaries of technology
A history and tradition of innovation, introducing new technology years ahead of our competition that makes a huge difference to the productivity of our customers, while enabling cutting edge technology to be developed.