Solutions for Military and Aerospace

Designing electronics for military and aerospace applications is rewarding, so why is all the associated paperwork around the design process so time consuming? Wouldn’t it be great to have design tools which dovetail into the product development flow, so you can get productive design work done to specifications, while keeping track of all the changes along the way? 

Basic PCB and schematic tools are simple but don’t fit well with the rigor required for high reliability defense and aerospace products. You need tools that include a workflow and data management capabilities in harmony with the certification and commissioning programs required for space, air, land and sea. Our software includes the process oriented features needed to get your product certified for field use faster, at a lower cost.

Track, Record and Review Changes

Tracking changes and reviewing them visually is made easy through formal version control of every project document. Our Engineering Change Order flow ensures design documents are kept in sync by managing differences and resolution. Complex pin-swapping can be done in seconds on the board and synchronized back to your schematic and constraints (or vice-versa) removing the chance of human error or time wasted doing it manually in huge spreadsheets. It also provides advanced reporting to maintain those crucial records that are needed for certification and budget allocation as the design progresses.

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Work to government approved standards

Whether you’re dealing with the FAA, military or both, you need tools that make it easy to keep a record of design changes and decisions. Meeting standards and certifications like MIL-STD-275, FSC-5998, DO-254, and ISO-14300 can make your head spin unless you use systems that formalize and automate revision, lifecycle, design templates, and numbering schemes. And once you have done all the hard work to engineer a design, you want to reuse as much as possible because you know it works and will pass certification.

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Protect Your Data

Every project is critical, and in this industry security is an absolute must. Managing your design data with encryption and authentication makes it easy for designers to benefit from the efficiency of data reuse without jeopardizing security. With secure formal version control and Vault (Now Altium Concord Pro) managed release and lifecycle management, design teams have certainty that they are keeping their data in the right place, with access granted to only the right people.

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Watch Your Product's Weight and Size Shrink

Any electronic product that’s ready for flight or combat has to be rugged, reliable and compact. The only way to ensure your designs meet these requirements is to take full advantage of mechanical modeling in 3D. Our Native 3D PCB editor with real-time clearance checking, rigid-flex bending simulation slashes the time required to get these mission critical products working in the field.

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Make it Serviceable and Lasting

Imagine the product you’re currently designing in the hands of a user still performing the same important function decades from now. Electronic devices for military and aircraft purposes are often required for up to 50 years, and need to be serviceable for decades mores. Component sourcing is a critical factor. With supply chain integration with your design tools, you can be sure there is enough supply for production and service stocks while you’re designing. And with flexible and extensive reporting and documentation output options, you can be sure the service diagrams and guides you need to create for the product will meet requirements such as ASME Y14.35M.

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