You design the products that drive your company’s growth. Your designs may even be advancing medical fields or other noble causes. That’s why you got into the industry to begin with; you wanted to make a difference. You never wanted to be treated like a cost center, constantly asked to cut costs, to do more, faster, with less. How much time do you spend on TPS reports?

Divide The Workload Without Creating A Divide

It’s Friday when the mechanical team shows you the latest changes to the enclosure for a board that must go to fab before the next week. The changes are going to require changing the shape of the board and some of the circuitry. It’s time for a series of ECOs. How do you keep informed of changes on the MCAD side of the equation? How do you handle changes to the schematic in the PCB? Can you get some help redesigning the board without creating even more communication breakdowns? How do you avoid getting in this whole situation in the first place?

Enterprise Class Collaboration
Keep everything in sync and everyone happy

Choosing Parts To Fit The Budget Without Making Sacrifices

Part selection has a substantial effect on the products you design. Without careful consideration, your finished product may be too expensive, or worse, it may not even function. You’ve got to gather an ever growing amount of information about parts, often from multiple different sources. Doing so is a major time drain. How do you efficiently design to cost, tracking component data, supply chain availability and functionality without increasing frustrations?

A Formal and Managed System for Components and Design to Cost
Everything you need to know about components is at your fingertips while you design.

Managing and Maintaining All That Data Created

The mountains of data that go into a design project are invaluable. Yet every second engineers spend managing that data is taking away from time that could be spent designing and creating more value. How do you keep track of your data, the Who What Where When and Whys of changes? Are you putting all that data to good use by reusing proven aspects of designs instead of reinventing the wheel with every project? And what about the design’s life after the product is launched?

Automate The Storage and Augmentation of Design Data
Ensure your data is being properly stored