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Created: April 20, 2021 | Updated: August 13, 2022

Our organization has a bunch of expired licenses. Is there some way to remove them from the list in the Altium Designer license management page so it will look less cluttered and be less confusing to our users trying to pick a valid license that is on subscription?

Starting in Version: 18.0
Up to Version: Current

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To remove a license (expired or off subscription - On-Demand or Standalone) from the client's license management page, it's only necessary for a group administrator to remove the license allocation which allows the license to be seen. To assure that it doesn't come back, (non-allocated licenses have been known to be re-allocated to the All Account Members group again)  use your dashboard to create a license group with no users in it, then for each license you want to hide, make sure there is only one allocation to the new group, and no other allocations. 

Here's how:  

To get to the dashboard, you sign in here:
Then click on your avatar icon portrait (Current User Control) button,
Then choose Company Dashboard from your profile menu
If you don't see that option, you may need to clear your cache and cookies.  You can use Shift+Ctrl+Del to get to the settings page quickly.  You can also try a different browser.  Chrome works.
If you are already signed in, this link should also work:
Refreshing the browser window can help with unexpected behavior.
Here's a link to documentation that may be of interest:

Once at your dashboard, click on Groups (just below the black bar at the top) after which you can (1) click the Create Group button, (2) enter in a meaningful name for the group, and (3) click the Create group button

Create group.png

Then find the license(s) you want to hide.  Start by clicking the licenses tab at the left.

Licenses tab.png

Next you may need to adjust the filter to display Expired licenses.


Then you may have to expand other sections to find the license(s) for which you are looking.


When you find a license to be hidden, click on the product name or on the pull down arrow to choose Details.


With the license details page open, click on the edit button (with the pencil icon)


Edit the assignment to change the Assign to Group to be the new group you created earlier, that has no users in it.  (If your newly created group doesn't show up, try going back to the Dashboard Overview page where you will find a "REFRESH" button at the right side near the top.  Try these steps again after clicking the refresh button,)

new assignment.png

Click Save, and it should look like this.  If there are any other allocations, delete them.


Here's a Knowledge Base article that goes into some detail about license allocation/assignment:
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