Working with the Height Design Rule on a PCB in Altium Designer

This document is no longer available beyond version 21. Information can now be found here: Height Rule for version 24


Rule category: Placement

Rule classification: Unary


This rule specifies height restrictions for components placed within the design.

All design rules are created and managed within the PCB Rules and Constraints Editor dialog. For a high-level view of working with the design rules system, see Defining, Scoping & Managing PCB Design Rules.


Default constraints for the Height rule.Default constraints for the Height rule.

  • Minimum - the value for the minimum permissible component height.
  • Preferred - the value for the preferred component height.
  • Maximum - the value for the maximum permissible component height.

How Duplicate Rule Contentions are Resolved

All rules are resolved by the priority setting. The system goes through the rules from highest to lowest priority and picks the first one whose scope expression matches the object(s) being checked.

Rule Application

The Preferred setting is obeyed when displaying the board in 3D. The Minimum and Maximum settings are obeyed by the Online DRC and Batch DRC.


  • The height property for a component is defined in its associated properties dialog.
  • A component class can be created and used in the scope definition for a height rule, in order to flag any member components whose height violates the specified height constraint criteria of the rule.

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