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Import MCAD Baseline

Created: 19.05.2021 | Updated: 25.05.2021

The Import MCAD Baseline dialog
The Import MCAD Baseline dialog


The Import MCAD Baseline dialog is used to Import an IDX file (MCAD Baseline.idx). This file type is used for collaborating between ECAD and MCAD domains. Altium NEXUS facilitates this collaboration using the MCAD IDX Exchange extension, which is necessary to access this dialog.


From the PCB Editor, click File » Import » MCAD IDX Baseline from the main menus.

The MCAD IDX Exchange extension (shown below) must be installed to access this dialog.

The extension can be found on the Purchased tab of the Extensions & Updates page (accessed by using the  drop-down at the top-right of the design space then choosing Extensions and Updates).


  • Input MCAD Baseline File - click  to browse for and select the desired IDX file to be imported.
  • Output PCB File - click  to browse for and select the desired PCB file into which proposed changes are to be synchronized.
Once the MCAD Baseline IDX file has been imported, collaboration proceeds through the MCAD IDX Exchange panel. For more information, see IDX Support.
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