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Altium Designer Essentials

Learn how to navigate Altium Designer with ease

Altium Designer Essentials will help you quickly learn the basics of this powerful PCB design tool. You'll get step-by-step instructions and shortcuts that will save you time and help you produce high-quality designs every time.

  • Create high-quality PCB designs in less time
  • Learn powerful best practices to help you save time and reduce costly errors
  • Gain a solid understanding of the available features and shortcuts
  • Earn a certificate to showcase your skills to potential employers

Advance your design skills by learning from Altium experts!
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Is the Essentials Course Right for You?

If you are new to PCB design or an experienced designer getting familiar with Altium Designer, this course is for you.

The Essentials course provides instructions on the entire design capture process, starting with the User Interface, Project Creation, and Schematic Entry, then moving toward PCB Layout, Documentation, and Fabrication Outputs.

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Pre-Requisites: None

Certification: Altium Designer Essentials Course Certification


Instructor-Led Online Format:

  • 3 day course
    (Typical class hours are 9 am - 5 pm)
  • Interactive sessions are taught in small groups of 12, delivering hands-on application experience.

On-Demand Format:

  • On-Demand courses are self-paced. They include over 6 hours of in-depth video instructions and over 20 in-depth exercises covering schematic on Altium Designer features and shortcuts.

Altium Designer
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The Essentials course provides instructions on the entire design capture process, starting with the User Interface, Project Creation, and Schematic Entry, then moving toward PCB Layout, Documentation, and Fabrication Outputs.

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Private training is perfect for design teams and offers you the comfort of confidentiality of any designs and discussions covered during sessions. Private training is available to be delivered onsite or via online instruction.

Course Agenda

Altium Professional Training is critical to maximizing the software's functionality and efficiency in your daily work. With Altium Designer Essentials Course curriculum you will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of PCB Design and be able to confidently navigate Altium Designer

Getting Started
Hours of Training: 1.5 Hours
In this intro to the course, you'll get familiar with the basic navigation elements in Altium Designer so you can explore with ease. Some of the major topics covered include: Customize your design environment layout, Editor Panels, layout for Toolbars and Menus, accessing and creating your Design Documents, accessing and Creating Design Projects, and configuring Your Schematic Preferences.
Hours of Training: 1.5 Hours
Effective management of component data is essential for electronic design, and the management of components used in a design has always been a fundamental element of the Altium design software. This module will explore the latest steps to create parts, and maintain your component library. Learn the techniques required to manage integrated libraries, schematic symbols, and PCB footprints.
Schematic Capture
Hours of Training: 8 Hours
The schematic capture process needs to include everything within the circuit design necessary to work, including the electrical connections with its environment. This module covers the basic practices that can help you save time and ensure your schematic sheets are easy to read including Object placement and making the Connections, Schematic Grids and Cursors, Working with Graphic Objects and Electrical Objects, Component Annotation, Global Editing, Design Compilation and Verification of Electrical Rules, creating a Hierarchical design, Multi-sheet Design, Transfer Design Rules created in the Schematic to the PCB.
Hours of Training: 6.5 Hours
The modern PCB is a dense, multi-layered engineering design challenge. Altium Designer is constantly introducing new capabilities to help streamline your PCB design process. This module will walk you step by step through the PCB User Interface and Preferences, PCB Navigation, Component Classes, Net Classes, Component Placement, Design Updates, Routing, Global Editing, Planes / Polygons, Layer Stack Management, Defining the Board Shape, Custom Grids, Design Rules and Constraints, and resolving Design Violations.
Hours of Training: 1
The final phase of the board design cycle is to generate the output files needed to fabricate, assemble and test the printed circuit board. To do this, you need to generate a variety of output files in a various of formats. This module will teach you how to generate multiple fabrication and assembly outputs as well as Bill of Material (BOM), through the use of Output Job files.

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Learn from the best in the industry. Altium instructors are expert engineers with years of
PCB experience. They are up-to-date on the latest technology and features available with
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