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PCB Design

SPICE Simulation
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SPICE Model Support

Models are an essential part of the simulation process. You can maintain your schematic, PCB, and simulation models together to define a unified component with sourcing information. Altium Designer simulation supports analog PSpice, LTspice, and xSpice with digital models and other formats in development.


Simulation of Analog, Digital, and Mixed Schematics

Altium Designer simulation allows you to quickly verify your schematic parameters in seconds to predict circuit behavior and eliminate problems without prototyping. You can design with full confidence that your schematic capture and selected components will operate as intended ensuring reliable designs.


Quick Simulation
Setup and Completion

Spend less time preparing simulations and more time with your results. Altium Designer uses an original algorithm for mathematical calculations and a guided simulation setup providing decreased simulation times. You can even reuse simulation parameters after design changes to get more analysis completed faster than ever without leaving your design environment.


Key Capabilities


Analytic Insights

The schematic characteristics are dependent on the component values and the complex dependencies between them. Mixed Simulation in Altium Designer allows you to quickly find the optimal parameter values for the components of your design. Analyze changing values or correlations for a series of results to easily choose the best values for your design.


One Panel for Your Entire
Simulation Process

Tool simplicity allows you to focus on design instead of studying the nuances and aspects of the simulation tool. The Simulation Dashboard allows you to control and manage the simulation process and all the necessary settings in four simple steps: Project Verification, Preparation, Analysis, and Results.


Essential Types
of Circuit Analysis

Evaluate your device functionality with a range of critical calculations: Operating Point, DC Sweep (voltage and current), Transient, AC Sweep (phase and magnitude), and Noise. You can even add parameter sweeps to your simulations to get a better understanding of functionality under varying conditions. Now you can verify your device in different modes before manufacturing and obtain the best results.


Analysis with Component
Parameter Tolerances

Ensure your device schematic is fine-tuned and ready for the mass production! Component parameter variations affect the characteristics of the designed device, so it is important to simulate with wide parameter ranges. Altium Designer Simulation gives you a clear understanding of how your devices will work in real conditions with real components with varying conditions.


Convenient Graphical
Simulation Results

The graphical representation of the calculation results allows you to view the signal and its shape. You can overlay different plots, change the information representation parameters, and adjust the display scale. Probes allow you to measure the current, voltage, and power for important sections in your simulation plots and directly on the schematic sheet.


Library Of Basic

Altium Designer includes essential simulation models to make a preliminary assessment of your schematic solutions at the beginning of the project. You can quickly replace generic components in seconds with components from your library.


Design Verification
Before Simulation

Easily meet design rules and requirements necessary to perform simulation you need. The system checks your nodes and schematic to identify errors, then offers recommendations and suggests resolutions.

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