Importer Settings

This document is no longer available beyond version 18.1. Information can now be found here: Default PCB Specific Options for version 24

The Importer settings dialog
The Importer settings dialog


The Importer settings dialog provides controls to control design rules, missing vias, keep-out conversions, and other various options during the import process.


The dialog is accessed by clicking Importer Options on the PADS PCB Library ASCII File Import Options dialog when using the Import Wizard (File » Import Wizrd) to import PADS ASCII Design files.


Design Rules - use the following options to control which design rules are imported during the import process.

  • Import Clearance Rules - enable to import all clearance design rules.
  • Import Routing Rules - enable to import all routing rules.
  • Import High Speed Rules - enable to import all high speed rules.

Internal Plane Options - use the following options to control internal planes during the import process.

  • Plane Pullback Distance - enter the required distance in the textbox.
  • Rebuild All Internal Planes - enable to rebuild all internal planes.

Options - use the following to enable/disable additional options, e.g., missing vias.

  • Add Missing Via On Route Layer Change - enable to add missing vias when the route layer is changed.
  • Generate Teardrops - enable to generate teardrops.
  • Generate Rules For Thermals In Pad Stacks - enable to generate rules for thermals in pad stacks.
  • Change Attributes For Used Layers - enable to change attributes for used layers.
  • Override Pad Inner Value With Largest Found - enable to override inner value of the pad with the largest value found.

The features available depend on your level of Altium Designer Software Subscription.