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Now reading version 20.1. For the latest, read: Sign In for version 22

  Two variations of the Sign In dialog (the first image is used to sign in to your Altium account; the second image is used to sign into a server)


The Sign In dialog is used to sign in to your Altium account or to sign in to a server. The use of the dialog depends on how the dialog is accessed.

For information about working with servers, refer to Working with a Managed Content Server.

For more information about server access, refer to Accessing a Server from Altium Designer.


The version of the dialog used to sign into your Altium account can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Click the  then choose Sign in from the menu.
  • Click the , choose Licenses from the menu then click the Sign in link on the License Management page.

The version of the dialog used to sign into a server can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Click the  then choose Custom connection
  • Click the , choose Sign in from the menu then click Custom in the resulting Sign in dialog.


Signing into an Altium Account

This dialog allows you to sign into Altium by using the appropriate credentials.

A variation of the Sign In dialog that is used to sign in with your Altium credentials.A variation of the Sign In dialog that is used to sign in with your Altium credentials.

  • User Name - enter your user name. This is the user name that was used when your Altium Account credentials were created. Contact your local Altium administrator if you do not have your Altium account credentials available.
  • Password - enter your Altium password.
    • Sign in automatically - enable this option to automatically sign into Altium's online services when you start Altium Designer using the specified User Name and Password.
  • Custom - click to open the version of the dialog used to sign into a server.
  • Terms and Agreements - click the link to open Altium's End-User License Agreement.
  • Sign in - once the user name and password are entered, this button becomes available. Click to continue with the sign in process.

Signing into a Server

This dialog enables you to sign into a server. A server can be used to store everything related to designing in the software including: design source data, such as components, schematics and PCB files; design release data, such as Gerber and ODB++ data; and installations and updates of the software itself. You can only sign into a server that has already been installed and has appropriate user credentials defined.

 kkA variation of the Sign In dialog that allows you to sign into a on-site server.

If the version of the dialog pertaining to the server is accessed by clicking the  button in the upper right corner of the workspace then clicking Custom, the dialog will not display Default or Custom buttons that allow you to switch between the two versions, however, the dialog's sign in functionality will remain the same.
  • Server Address - use this field to enter the location URL of the server to which you want to connect. The format for this is: <ComputerName>:<PortNumber>. Use the drop-down arrow then choose Preferences to access the Data Management - Servers page of the Preferences dialog to manage servers.
  • User Name - enter an existing, valid user name for a server.
  • Password - enter the password that corresponds to the User Name.
    • Sign in automatically - enable to automatically sign into the server when Altium Designer is started.
  • Default - click this link to open the version of the dialog used to sign into your Altium account.
  • Use Windows Session credentials - enable to use your active Windows Session credentials to log into the server. The User Name field will display your Windows username. This enables you to log into the server without the need to create and remember an additional password.
  • Sign in - click to log into the server using the above settings.

Altium Connection

Altium Designer includes features to enhance your productivity by bringing information to you on-demand. Whenever a connection to any of these services is made, information about you and your PC may be gathered to identify you and deliver the right services. Information collected by Altium will not be shared with any third parties.

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The features available depend on your Altium product access level. Compare features included in the various levels of Altium Designer Software Subscription and functionality delivered through applications provided by the Altium 365 platform.

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