Version Control on Altium 365

Now reading version 20.1. For the latest, read: Version Control on Altium 365 for version 22

The Version Control on Altium 365 dialogThe Version Control on Altium 365 dialog


The Version Control on Altium 365 dialog is used to convert the project that you are attempting to share to version control in order to grant editing privileges to users other than yourself.

If you are sharing an unmanaged project, the project will be made available in the currently connected Workspace at the time the project is shared with nominated people. When sharing for viewing only, the project is made available through Simple Sync. For more information on this functionality, see the Making an Existing UnManaged Project Available Online page.


The dialog is accessed from the Share dialog when attempting to share an unmanaged project that is not under version control to a user for editing by selecting Can Edit in the associated drop-down () located in the Share Project tab.


  • Use Altium 365 VCS - click this option to add this project under version control on Altium 365. Once the project has been added, it will be shared with editing privileges to the intended user.
  • Learn More - click to access the Sharing page, which will help guide you through project sharing.
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