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The Share Project and Snapshot on the Web tabs of the Share dialog
The Share Project and Snapshot on the Web tabs of the Share dialog


The Share dialog supports the ability to share your design projects with others, anywhere around the world, directly from within the software. The Share dialog will present guidance in order to properly prepare you for sharing your chosen design project.

For more information about the Altium 365 platform, visit the Altium 365 Workspace page.


The Share dialog is accessed by clicking the button at the top-right of the main application window.

The Share dialog is only available when connected to an Altium Designer Workspace, such as the Altium 365 platform. For more information regarding sharing a design, visit the Sharing a Design within Altium Designer page.


In order to be able to begin sharing a design, you must be signed in to your Altium account (using your AltiumLive credentials), have an active (valid) subscription for your Altium Designer licensing, be connected to your Altium 365 Workspace, and the design project must be registered with (made available to) the Workspace.

Choose a drop-down below to access information about the multiple iterations of the Share dialog.

Ensure the project that you wish to share is the selected project entry within the Projects panel.
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