Setup Paste Array (PCB)

Now reading version 20.2. For the latest, read: Setup Paste Array (PCB) for version 22

The Setup Paste Array dialog
The Setup Paste Array dialog


The Setup Paste Array dialog provides options for pasting a linear or circular array of the current clipboard contents. For example, you can use the Paste Array feature to paste an alpha-numerically designated array of pads for a BGA.


The dialog can be accessed by clicking the Paste Array button in the Paste Special dialog (Edit » Paste Special).


Placement Variables

  • Item Count - the number of repeat placements to be performed. For example, typing 4 will place 4 copies of the current clipboard contents.
  • Text Increment - enter the automatic increment for the display text (e.g., component or pad designator). Both alpha and numeric increments other than 1 are supported. For example, by setting the designator of a pad prior to copying it to the clipboard and setting the Text Increment field, the following types of pad designator sequences can be placed:
    • Numeric (1, 3, 5)
    • Alphabetic (A, B, C)
    • Combination of alpha and numeric (A1, A2, or 1A, 1B, or A1, B1 or 1A, 2A, etc)
  • To increment numerically, set the Text Increment field to the amount you wish to increment by.
  • To increment alphabetically, set the Text Increment field to the letter in the alphabet that represents the number of letters you wish to skip. For example, if the initial pad had a designator of 1A and the Text Increment field was set to C (the third letter of the alphabet), the pads would have the designators 1A, 1D (three letters after A), 1G (three letters after D), and so on.
  • Note that the last-used incremental value is remembered after pasting an array, the next value in that sequence will be used as the base value of the next array that you paste, unless you perform a new Copy action.

Array Type

  • Circular- enable this option to paste a circular array, using the current Circular Array settings.
  • Linear - enable this option to paste the array in a straight line, using the current Linear Array settings.

Circular Array

  • Rotate Item to Match - if enabled, array items will be rotated by the same angular amount as their Spacing.
  • Spacing (degrees) - the angular space between two adjacent pasted items.

Linear Array

  • X-Spacing - enter the desired X space between two adjacent items.
  • Y- Spacing - enter the desired Y space between two adjacent items.

When you paste the array, it will be held by the same reference location that was used when the Copy action was performed.

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