Must Hold Shift To Select

Now reading version 17.0. For the latest, read: Must Hold Shift To Select for version 22

The Must Hold Shift To Select dialog.
The Must Hold Shift To Select dialog.


The designer can define which primitives require holding Shift to select.


Access Schematic - Graphical Editing page of the Preferences dialog and enable the Shift Click To Select option. Then click the Primitives button (which becomes enabled by enabling the aforementioned option).


  • Tree List Object Kind - Toggle the Use Shift status for each primitive in this list. Use the All On or All Off buttons to toggle all in one go.
  • All On - Click this button to select all primitives in the list to be used when the Shift To Select feature is used.
  • All Off - Click this button to disable all primitives in the list.

Click OK to save changes and exit the dialog.

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