Annotate Compiled Sheets

Now reading version 20.2. For the latest, read: Annotate Compiled Sheets for version 21

The Annotate Compiled Sheets dialogThe Annotate Compiled Sheets dialog


The Annotate Compiled Sheets dialog enables you to uniquely number and name the compiled documents of your design. These values are mapped to the SheetNumber special string and are stored in the *.Annotation file, which is displayed in the Settings\Annotation Documents folder so that the annotation information is remembered when you close your project. 

For more information about annotation, see the Annotating the Components page.


The dialog is accessed from a compiled schematic sheet by clicking Tools » Annotation » Annotate Compiled Sheets from the main menus.


Main Region

This region is a list of the compiled sheets of the current project. Items listed include:

  • Document - the name of the schematic sheet.
  • Hierarchy Path - the location of the schematic sheet.
  • Sheet Number - the number assigned to the listed schematic sheet. To enter a sheet number, click in the Sheet Number column of the desired schematic document then enter the new sheet number.
You can create custom names for your compiled sheets by typing directly into the Sheet Number field. Use any combination of characters (alphanumeric or non-alphanumeric) then click OK to implement your custom annotation.

Additional Controls

  • Annotate Sheet - click the drop-down arrow to access the menu for sheet numbering options. 

  • Numbering Order:
    • Display Order - use this option to annotate the sheets in the order they are displayed.
    • Sheets Hierarchical Structure - Depth First - use this option to annotate the sheets from the top level into each branch. The top level is annotated first, then the first branch under the top level is annotated, then the second branch and so on. The Navigator view of your project shows the compiled (physical) representation of your sheets. When you annotate the sheets Depth First, you annotate each branch of the hierarchical structure at a time.
    • Sheets Hierarchical Structure - Breadth First - use this option to annotate the sheets according to their level in the hierarchy. The top level is annotated first, second levels are annotated next and so on. The Navigator view of your project shows the compiled (physical) representation of your sheets. When you annotate the sheets Breadth First, you annotate the sheets based on their position in the hierarchy. 
  • Numbering Method:
    • Increasing - use this option to number the sheets in ascending order.
    • Decreasing - use this option to number the sheets in descending order.
  • Click the Annotate Sheet button to annotate the sheet(s) after selecting all options. The Sheet Number will be updated to match your selections.
  • Move Up - click to move the selected schematic sheet one row up. 
  • Move Down - click to move the selected schematic sheet one row down. 
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