Delphi SDK Reference

The Altium Designer SDK is currently in the Beta phase and therefore evolving along with its documentation.
This reference section, derived from the Altium Designer RTL documentation, is a work in progress and includes some aspects that are different to the new SDK.

The Altium Designer Software Development Kit (SDK) is composed of several Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that are associated with specific document kinds and design object types.

  • The System API deals with low level objects and routines used by Altium Designer.
  • The Schematic API deals with Schematic documents and design objects.
  • The PCB API deals with PCB documents and design objects.
  • The Workspace Manager API deals with Projects, Connectivity Information and so on.

The Delphi Source Units for the SDK APIs can be found in the installation's \SDK\Delphi\Source Code folder.

Use the following links for detailed information on the Altium Designer SDK APIs:

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