Updating to a Later Version

Parent page: Installing the Altium Infrastructure Server

When you want to upgrade to a later version of the Altium Infrastructure Server, the Altium Infrastructure Server Setup Wizard can handle this automatically for you. Simply run the installer for the later version. The older version will be detected, and you will be asked if you wish to upgrade to the later version - click Yes.

You are able to upgrade an existing, older version of the Altium Infrastructure Server,
simply by running the installer for a later version.

As part of the installation process, the Installer will make a backup of the current Infrastructure Server data, using the Backup & Restore tool. The default backup folder is \ProgramData\Altium\InfrastructureServerData, but can be changed as required. The backup data is stored in a file with the format AltiumInfrastructureServer<Version>_backup.zip.

While the Altium Infrastructure Server Installer includes automated backup of your existing Infrastructure Server, it is always a good idea to make a pre-update backup of your data yourself - taking a redundancy copy off to one side as it were. This provides additional safety, should any unforeseen technical difficulties arise. Additionally, it is advised to test out a new release of the Altium Infrastructure Server on a different machine, before updating your production instance. Use of Virtual Machines can be invaluable in this respect.

When updating to a later version of the Infrastructure Server, a backup of your data will be made, before the old Infrastructure
Server is removed, and the new one installed.


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