Design Data Management

Digital Design Data Management enables a digital thread through all of your design domains, entire supply chain and manufacturing to optimize cost, quality and time to market.

NEXUS Design Datat Management

Digitally manage work in process and project lifecycle to accelerate time to market

  • ECAD work in process management
  • Full version control and release management
  • Check-in/Check-out of work process design data
  • Digital project history for full visibility, traceability and audit tracking
NEXUS Design Data Management

Take cross functional team collaboration and management to a new level

  • Team members can work from anywhere on the same project
  • Configure permissions to team members needs
  • Web-based visualization for non-ECAD team members to contribute to the design process
  • Consolidate multi domain data for complete digital twin modeling
  • Generate multiple required output formats for design, supply chain and manufacturing
NEXUS Design Data Management

Digitally manage your design process with configurable design reviews

  • Digitally capture your review and approval process in configurable workflows ensuring best practices
  • Web-based design visualization for project team members and extended team members
  • Web-based comparison and viewing of old and new revisions
  • Manage manufacturing yield and quality with Gerber version compare
NEXUS Design Datat Management

Leverage your previous design investments to decrease development cost with design reuse

NEXUS Design Data Management

Ease your compliance and certification challenges with configurable design data and workflow processes

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NEXUS Design Data Management