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The automotive industry is rapidly changing and the need for transport solutions to address new demands - more connected, greener, smarter vehicles - is vital. Increasing product complexity, technological change, and cost-competitiveness - all without compromising safety - requires companies to be as efficient as possible; and increasing competition puts more pressure to move faster - innovate faster - than ever before.

Altium Enterprise Helps Automotive Companies

Time to Market

Digital connection to enterprise systems including PLM, simulation and mechanical design establishes traceability and interactivity across all processes and stakeholders

Access to reliable, real-time supply chain part information to avoid shortages and quickly find alternates for at-risk parts and suppliers

Digital simulation enables product verification and QoR prior to production - when it matters most.

Structured processes replace manual, error-prone practices to reduce costly rework and accelerate time to market

Workflows that incorporate regulatory requirements and best practices ensures regulatory compliance

Lightweight processes makes it easier to attract and hire workforce to keep up with the fast pace of innovation

You’re in Good Company

See how Altium enterprise solutions enable Veoneer, worldwide leader in automotive technology, to accelerate development speed while ensuring, above all else, safety and reliability of their products - strengthening their purpose of “Creating Trust in Mobility”.

Deliver Safe, Reliable Products Faster with a Simple and Easy-to-Learn Integrated Solution

Because the tool is in one cockpit - one user interface - users are able to learn all aspects quickly. Whether that’s library management, schematic capture or PCB, they’re able to leverage that one unified cockpit and move quickly.

Things like footprints and symbols are much simpler.  And they are digitally integrated right into the tool.  So we get that speed of being able to develop those components faster, get them to the users faster, and ultimately, get our products out faster.

Meet Elaborate Packaging Demands and Reduce Respins with Superior 3D and ECAD/MCAD Collaboration

The 3D capability is superior to anything else we’ve seen on the market . Our new products are relying on a lot more interaction between the mechanical and electrical worlds - in particular, the packaging portion of design. We make brake controllers which have to fit inside elaborate housings that need to wrap around a hydraulic module. So with that kind of packaging, there are more MCAD/ECAD demands, and the Altium enterprise solutions meet them.

Support Rapid Growth with Low Cost of Ownership

Because of the cost of ownership, we are able to get more licenses in more hands faster to support our growth. We are growing very rapidly to meet the demand of our projects, and our technology is advancing daily. Altium supports this growth.