Schematic Design

A schematic editor digitally connected to your enterprise enables smart and fast part decisions to reduce costly, time-consuming respins - accelerating time to market and improving quality.


Save time with user-specific data display and organization - making searchability easier than ever

  • Configurable data display by user
  • Organize folders by generic or specific types (e.g., “Capacitors” vs. “Capacitors, Ceramic, 0402”) for easy component search
  • World-class quality by design

Make smart and fast part decisions - at design time - to reduce costly respins

  • Optimal part selection for cost, sourceability, availability and quality with parametric searching Instant comparison of components to optimize part selection tradeoffs
  • Multiple filters including Value, Tolerance, and Case Size
  • Supply chain-connected BOM available to designers and beyond
  • Up-to-date supply chain information including cost, availability and lifecycle, as well as data sheets powered by Octopart
Schematic Commenting

Easy visualization and commenting for all stakeholders with web-based design access

Item Manager

Ensure all your items are reliable, approved and up to date with an item manager connected to your managed data source

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