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of the Altium enterprise solutions.

In this interactive demo, you will see and experience this
digitally-integrated electronics design solution in action. And when you’re
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Create Project

Optimize existing tools and processes with a digital connection between ECAD and PLM that ensures project consistency and eliminates manual work. Take the Tour

Schematic Capture

Increase efficiency with a digital connection throughout the part selection process that enables easy access to real-time, accurate part availability information to make informed part decisions. Take the Tour

Part Request

Mitigate risk and ensure quality by enabling seamless access to reliable supply chain information and by integrating resources and processes through a fully optimized and configured workflow. Take the Tour

PCB Design With MCAD Collaboration

Optimize resources and ensure data integrity with a continuous digital connection and real-time collaboration between your ECAD and MCAD teams that eliminates error-prone methods of communication and ensures alignment at all times. Take the Tour

Design Review

Accelerate time to market and ensure quality of results with a digitally-managed design review workflow that enables real-time communication, organization-wide collaboration, and review process automation. See it in action

Design Release and Publish to PLM

Increase profitability and ensure full product integrity by integrating a full digital thread that improves productivity and business process efficiency including optimizing resources, implementing product lifecycle management, and providing a single source of truth for all product data. Take the Tour