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Created: September 27, 2019 | Updated: September 27, 2019

The Server Library dialogThe Server Library dialog


The Server Library dialog is used to map nominated server folders to the library name you want displayed in the Libraries panel.

For information about integrated libraries, see Working With Integrated Libraries.


The dialog is accessed by performing the following steps:

  1. Access the Available Libraries dialog (click the Libraries button at the top-left of the Libraries panel).
  1. Ensure the Installed tab of the dialog is the active tab.
  2. Click the Install button then select Install from server.


Folder Settings Tab

  • Drop-down - use the drop-down to choose the source server from where to source the components. Click on the drop-down at the top-left of the dialog to access a listing of all connected servers.
  • Library name - this is a name that you are giving to a specific set of server folders, so the name should be meaningful. Enter the name into the Library name field at the top of the dialog. This name only exists in the Libraries panel; you are not modifying the server contents in any way.
  • Grid - click the Add button to open the Choose Folder dialog to define the path to each server folder you want included in this library. Browse the folders of the nominated source server then add the folder you want included in your library. Multiple folders can be added. If you select a parent folder, the components in all child sub-folders also will be included.

Parameter Settings Tab

  • Configure Visibility On Add - use this option to access an option to control the visibility when a component that has that parameter is placed on a schematic sheet.
  • Grid - lists the Parameter Name taken from all components in the folder. Use the Visible On Add checkbox associated with each parameter to control that parameter's visibility.
The Comment parameter is also shown. This is a system parameter.
Parametric data is stored as part of the server folder properties in the managed content server itself. It is global to all users of the server and with whom the relevant folder(s) have been shared. Folder hierarchy is also taken into account, so parameter visibility configured for a parent folder will be passed down to (inherited by) all child folders below.

Once you have defined a name and added the required folders, click OK to return to the Available Libraries dialog. The entry for the named library will be added to the list of installed libraries. Note that the Path region of the dialog includes a line for each folder you included in your server library.

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