Managing Draftsman Attributes with the Properties Panel in Altium Designer

This document is no longer available beyond version 21. Information can now be found here: Document Options for version 24


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The Properties panel in Document Options mode
The Properties panel in Document Options mode


The Properties panel is used to edit properties of a Draftsman document and its constituent drawing objects. The panel provides editing access to the detailed properties of objects that have been placed in the drawing document, or when no objects are selected in the workspace, access to the properties of the Draftsman document itself.

Panel Access

The panel is accessed from the Draftsman editor in the following ways:

  • Click View » Panels » Properties.
  • Double-click in an open document sheet or on a placed drawing object.
  • Right-click on a placed drawing object then select Item Properties from the context menu.
  • Click the button at the bottom-right of the workspace then select the Properties menu option.
  • Use the F11 shortcut key.

Content and Use

When a drawing object is selected in a Draftsman document, the Properties panel will change its mode to expose the properties that relate to the selected object. For a tabular list of all Properties panel object modes and links to their related object properties pages, see the Drawing Object Modes section below.

Alternatively, when no drawing object is selected in the workspace, the Properties panel will change to Document Options mode. This exposes the property settings for the current Draftsman document and its page Sheets, as outlined below.

Document Options Mode

Draftsman’s Document Options are available under three selectable tabs in the Properties panel, with the main graphical options arranged under the General tab.

Under the General tab, the Properties panel content is arranged in collapsible sections that are opened and closed using the ► icon associated with each section heading. The General property control information included below is arranged by matching sections, and each collapsible section is opened/closed in the same manner:

The following collapsible section contains information about the options and controls available under the panel's Parameters tab:

The following collapsible section contains information about the options and controls available under the panel's Page Options tab:

Drawing Object Modes

The Draftsman Properties panel will automatically populate its content to match the properties settings for the currently selected object in the workspace.

In practice, the Properties panel changes to that object 'mode', which, along with the changed property options, is indicated by the panel's heading text. For example, selecting a placed Assembly View object will change the panel to its Assembly View mode, or selecting a drawing object such as a Linear Dimension will change the panel to its Linear Dimension mode.

Each entry in the following list of Draftsman objects links to its associated properties information (Properties panel mode) page.

Angular Dimension Center Mark Note
Arc Circle Ordinate Dimension
Bill of Materials Component View Radial Dimension
Board Assembly View Datum Feature Rectangle
Board Detail View Drill Drawing View Region
Board Fabrication View Drill Table Surface Finish
Board Isometric View Feature Control Frame Table
Board Realistic View Graphic Text
Board Region View Layer Stack Legend Transmission Line Table
Board Section View Line Diametral Dimension
Callout Linear Dimension  
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