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Created: 12.06.2016 | Updated: 11.04.2017

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The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

Applied Parameters: None


This command is used to export the active chart in comma separated value (.csv) format.


This command is accessed from the SimData Editor by choosing the File » Export » Chart command from the main menus.


First ensure that the chart that you wish to export is made active in the Waveform Analysis window. This is achieved by clicking on the required analysis tab at the bottom of the window.

After launching the command, the Export Data dialog will appear. Use the dialog to specify the waves to be exported (Plotted, or All), the data (Real, or Complex) to export, and the delimeter used (by default, Comma). After clicking OK, the Export Selected Waveforms dialog will appear. Use the dialog to choose where, and under what name, you wish to save the exported chart file. By default, the file takes the name used on the analysis tab itself (<AnalysisTabName>.csv).


  1. The exported file contains data points for each of the applicable source data signals. Each point is represented by an X-axis (time) value, followed by Y-axis (data) values for each available/plotted signal that data has been captured for.


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