MCAD CoDesigner

Built to address the challenges of electronic product design by enabling seamless collaboration between your electrical and mechanical engineers.

Supported MCAD Tools

CoDesigner works directly with electrical and mechanical data via a built-in panel within Altium Designer® and a plug-in built into the MCAD application. No manual conversion and exchange of files required!

Stress-Free Collaboration


Fast and Manageable

CoDesigner provides fast results by only analyzing and applying design changes. You always maintain control by choosing which changes to apply.


Design in Context

CoDesigner enables you to work in the context of your device assembly with native MCAD data, which keeps your mechanical references healthy.


Focus on Engineering

Let CoDesigner deal with revisions and data formats, so you can focus on what truly matters – your design.

Key Capabilities

Available with

Start Collaborating

Step 1

Open the MCAD CoDesigner panel in Altium Designer.

Step 2

Install the MCAD Plug-in

What other MCAD tools would you like to be supported?

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